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I was fined for the same offence, by two different officers, within 10 minutes

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Remember the days when cops used to be out there to catch the bad guys and keep the streets safe? Now, are they nothing but tax collectors? Let us know what you think.

Watch out how you drive these days, folks. The cops, the vehicle safety officers in your province, everyone is after your wallet because you are trying to make a living in a commercial vehicle.

Here’s one from Jake.

“Our truck was pulled over, twice in 10 minutes. First time for failure to show current insurance slip, new one was in the mail still and had an email to prove it. 10 minutres later, fined for the same, even showing the ticket from 10 minutes earlier. So two fines for same thing, then because our driver disputed it, MTO officer says the breaks are not working proper. Just his word against the drivers, so another bigger fine. Did not even check the breaks, just gave a huge fine.

The truck had just been in for a safety one week prior BTW. So MTO calls this week, demanding truck be brought in, saying he had called where the work was done on the truck. Said the name of the garage, we say, truck has never been to that garage. He says, yes , I saw it there with the hood up, I called them and they agree your breaks are not working.


So we call this garage and they have no idea what the MTO officer is talking about!!! How do you fight these officers??!!! They lie, get away with giving out bogus fines and harassing small construction companies .”


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6 Comments » for I was fined for the same offence, by two different officers, within 10 minutes
  1. Jay scott says:

    Call your mpp

  2. rgib says:

    Your right… Tax paying citizens are “easy targets” The new cops they hire are low brow educated clones and they are afraid of the new criminals. There is no money
    in prosecuting thieves and drug dealers so they go after the “easy targets”. Get used to it. It is a brave new world. Good luck!!!

  3. derek says:

    The solution to this is to add a surcharge to your invoices. With a phone number of the local MLA.

  4. Ryan says:

    As RGIB says there is no money in anything these days except easy targets. That is why ontario went after the construction sector for WSIB. It has nothing to do with safety, I’m an arborist and they sure don’t care about our safety even though tree care is the #1 workplace killer in Canada. Ontario sure has become the armpit of Canada.

  5. Bob says:

    Its the new democracy of the Mc’s guilties/wynnies leaches parasites ( L P)( lobbyists Pirates) governments. Welcome to the wonder-full world of technocracy thieves. Everywhere we look its a disaster. The fast and furious to collect tax’s, will soon byte the LP right on their rectum. When the wind power scandals start to emerge, with the billions wasted, farms land destroyed, for nothing, plus all the other scandals together, will be real fun to watch. May the spring bring that forward.
    I believe when this happen, no more sorry will be accepted. The people of Ontario will be so furious, for the scams been put on them for long time, the Scam bags, will run as faster as they can, but where?

    Those truckers have been targets of MTO and OPP for no reason, take a photo of these officers, and post them on the internet. Make sure you catch their officer number, car number, time/ date and location.
    Broad cast them on your CB’s radios, contact radio stations, when these cases happen, also if you catch them on video, posted. Sue them for damages, and the lawyers convey you to pay for no reason, post the lawyers name and law office they represent, photos/ video on line too. See if you can snick hidden camera into the courts with lock doors, exposed the trails on the net.
    The enemy should taste their own great deeds, may be a good way to blow this racked.

  6. Razor says:

    We had a similar run in with a one ton dually. We bought a 2010 GMC used dually certified. My son drives the truck also as his only vehicle. Went down to Peterborough to the Ex to watch the truck pulls (no trailer) and MTO were sitting outside pulling random trucks into a parking lot. Fined him for the E brake not working (truck was bought two weeks earlier certified) -No log book-No CVOR papers. The truck was been driven for pleasure . They were ignorant and unresponsive when talked too ! This was unnecessary in the situation. Would be a different scene if he was hauling trailers . MTO is acting like they are way above everyone. We all are suppose too be working together so use the COMMON SENSE !

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