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I will surrender my license here in Ontario

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R. Blewett posts that he would rather give up his license rather than pay fees to Ontario College of Trades "parasites feeding at the trough."

Reader R. Blewett posted this comment in response to another reader who said, about the Ontario College of Trades, that he was “willing to give it a chance.”

“I have no intention of paying for the licence which I hold here in Ontario – this [College of Trades and its fees] is just another bureaucratic boondoggle. More parasites feeding at the trough in Toronto. How did the entourage who are ensconced on Bay Street, no less, get their appointments? Apparently they were selected but no one knows what the parameters were – nepotism and sinecure most probably…

The disingenuous reasoning behind this whole farce is public safety and trades monitoring. What a joke when we already have a top heavy inspection department, who know when they inspect, who is good and who is not. The free market soon takes care of poor tradespeople who are engaged in running a contracting business.

I will surrender my licence here in Ontario, because as far as I am concerned this falls under “consent of the governed” and they did not obtain it. Just another piece of legislation and regulation rammed down the throats of non-consenting tradespeople, and enforced by the thugs in government: Brad Duguid and the rest of the world improvers in Toronto.”


Edited version of a post by R. Blewett on Nov. 21, 2013


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