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If the utility companies give you an inaccurate location for electrical or gas lines, and you rupture one of them, who's liable?

Canadian Contractor

So you dutifully call Hydro or the Gas Company, and they come out and mark the location of their lines. Then you rupture something that is a long way away from where they marked it. Do you have any recourse, legally or otherwise?

A question from one of our loyal readers, Maria Segreto, Scava Construction, Ottawa. Anyone run into this? Please feel free to comment, below.

“Inaccurate utility locates, who is liable?. This past year (we have had) different incidents with inaccurate locates. On one occasion, a gas line was ruptured because of lack of information on part of the utility. On another occasion, it took us three hours to locate one of the utilities. Why? You guessed it, inaccurate locates.”
“As you are well aware, our jobs as contractors is never easy but when things like this happens and the big guys don’t take responsibility, it is very frustrating, time-consuming and even deadly.”



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