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"If you are a good contractor and want to expand your business you have two options."

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Brandon agrees with Mike Draper on the importance of presenting quotations in person, and not by email.

Brandon replied to a comment at a seminar from Renovantage’s Mike Draper about the dangers of emailing quotes, rather than presenting them in person.

“I currently email all my proposals to my customers. I do, however, always plan to set up a meeting with the potential customers to go through the proposal but end up emailing the proposal because of how busy work is. I always seem to find that good contractors are not always good business people and good businesses in the construction industry are run by good contractors who took a step away from the tools if they are able to hire good help to complete the work. If you are a good contractor and want to expand your business you have two options. Work your tail off completing the work and running the business until you run yourself into the ground. Or be a business person and take a step back from the hands on work to grow your business. If you are a good contractor it will come easy to manage some employees to complete work to your standards so that you can make it to those extra onsite meetings to go over the proposal with the customer. Also, 9 out of 10 of my customers want to have that onsite meeting before we start anyways. Why not get that meeting done and over with in order to secure more work for your new employees? A little bit of rise and grind for a few years to grow your business never hurt anybody. But the extra time you may have running a successful business to spend with family may prove to be worth those extra meetings.”


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