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Illegal 'villa' on top of 26-storey apartment building in China might be world's most flagrant building code violation

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The 8,600 sq.ft. structure looks like a craggy mountain-top mansion, surrounded by trees, rocks and shrubs. Presumably the tonnes of illegal construction materials all came up the elevator. We hope the builder booked it with the management office.



A Chinese doctor has been ordered to tear down a “mountain villa” he built on top of a 26-storey apartment building in Beijing.

Professor Zhang Biqing is the super-rich owner of a chain of acupuncture clinics in China. His private retreat on the roof of the high-rise building features a vast, 2-storey luxury villa measuring 8,600 sq. ft., built into the side of a wild-looking landscaped hill covered in trees and shrubbery.


He’s been residing in this private world for six years. At night, he reportedly entertains Beijing’s movers and shakers with wild parties that keep other residents from sleeping. His illegal structure is causing damage to the apartment building. He’s been quoted as saying he doesn’t give a hoot.

He has 15 days to remove the vast earthworks and structure, or the authorities will tear it down.

We believe it will still be there in 15 days. We also believe you will be more severely punished in Canada if you build a fence 3-inches across your neighbour’s property line.


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