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Imagine a $10,000 marketing budget

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Seriously. Imagine it. What would you do with that kind of money to promote your company.

You probably don’t spend $10,000 on marketing your company unless you do service work that need hundreds, even thousands of customer every year to cycle through the business. But what if you had that kind of money to spend? What if someone gave you $10,000 on the condition that you can only spend it on marketing?

I ask the question because in the past year, we’ve seen an increase in interest in marketing of all sorts for the residential construction industry. More and more, renovators and custom home builders are realizing the value of strengthening their brand, getting it out into the marketplace and generating new business outside of their regular stream of referrals.

There are lots of places to spend $10,000 on marketing. Where would you spend it? I’ve posted a poll on the home page of our website asking that question. Take a few seconds to answer for us and for the rest of the industry.



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3 Comments » for Imagine a $10,000 marketing budget
  1. Gary Milne says:

    We have noticed a recent Digital Marketing awakening in the Construction and Renovation sectors in Western Canada. We are currently working with several manufacturers in the housing sector and manufacturing sector. There has been a fear by many smaller companies to enter the domain of B2B and B2C Digital strategies. Your brand must show up where your customers are searching, digital platforms are the new Yellow pages. Vendors are no different in their shopping habits than consumers, today its Word of Mouse.

  2. rudy says:

    i would have to spend it on training employees to complete the work.
    A well done job is worth more than any ad

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