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Invitation to participate in press conference about Ontario College of Trades, April 8th

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If you have strong opinions about the Ontario College of Trades, we want to hear from you.

There is a new wave of contractor anger at the recent actions of the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT), especially its move to declare carpentry a “compulsory” trade.

Garfield Dunlop, a licensed plumber and the Skilled Trades & Apprenticeships Critic for the Ontario PC party, has been opposing the OCOT vociferously for the past year. He wants the OCOT to be abolished.

Dunlop will hold a Press Conference at Queen’s Park on April 8th, 9.30 am, in which he will detail the latest reasons why the OCOT needs to become an election issue.

Dunlop has asked Canadian Contractor to invite contractors in the province who have strong opinions about the OCOT to contact us, to see if you would be willing to participate in the press conference in some capacity.  Please email our publisher, Rob Koci, at, if you would be willing to consider participation. All attendees at the press conference will require pre-accreditation through Garfield Dunlop’s office, which Rob can arrange.



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8 Comments » for Invitation to participate in press conference about Ontario College of Trades, April 8th
  1. Plumber joe says:

    The Ontario College of Trades sends me a notice last year saying that I am automatically accepted into the College as a journey person. The College then sends a bill for license and an application form. Why am I going to fill out an “application” consenting to the College’s rules and use of my personal information when I am already automatically accepted? The College can take a hike!

  2. Oleber says:

    Hey Joe, yeah that’s what my issue with them for the pass two years now.
    They never answer that to me, they know why.

    The automatically download files from the MTCU without people consent, violates the privacy act, , the MTCU violated the privacy act too, allowing this to happen, there is holes everywhere. So once sign into the OCOT file paper, they avoid been suited.

    This is called circumvention, coercion to a self voluntary contract, under treats of payment or lose the trades license. Apparently to cover for their ass’s.
    This activity is illegal. Free and fair and transparent vote should had happen, now is to late. IMBO.

    They may found out about the Canadian charter of Rights and Freedoms, as well, under section 6, and the ORLB section 74. Unfair and arbitrary is avoid and null. Which this con artist from the union start this thing. Trades people should have been asked for a fair and open vote on this matter, but someone though knew better, now is all hell brook loosed.

    They want people to consent on their form, once there, may have legal implications to get out, and shades them, sounds like a voluntary contract, I haven’t sign nor I ever will, and I am a certified electrician for 26 years in Canada and certified in Europe for 10 years as international. So is 36 years of my careers, no way these f,,, will ever get this alcapone agency to run.

    I sent a lot of emails to them asking for a legal form under theirs, so called by laws, under their NFPO forcing me to pay, no answers until now, and about three months have gone by.

    I have mention to them all the laws they have violated trying to coerce me into something which is illegal.

    I will get in touch and post this news to as many as I can get. And will try to go to the press conference. if the OCOT guys be there they better have their years really clean,,,,,, I expect the CEO of the OCOT, Mr. Tsubounci,,,,,, There too.

    They better bring all the expenses, wage payments vacation pay, all of it, I want to see the reason they spend so much just to force and collect $60, $120 plus tax, to go check if someone have a piece of paper.

    I want to see the justification, what they have to offer? Also the OPSEU, union con president should be there, I would like to see these full package of bananas heads there. isn’t gonna be pretty.

    We may ask the court to intervene and shut this insane and illegal agency down.
    I can’t wait to be there, I want to see all these cronies.

  3. Questo says:

    Don’t forget they( OCOT) can also sale part or the whole files of their data to any company or research groups for a price according to them. Without any members knowledge. So looks like a spying agency on the cost of the trades people, under the guise of costumers protection.

    They have to be abolished, and give the trades people the freedom and the respect they deserve.

  4. Brian says:

    Way to go, Garfield.
    Remember, though, that this an artificial bureaucratic tax grab. This institution is being created with, absolutely, no intention of protecting property owners from ‘under the table’ illegal tradespeople and ‘contractors’ or educating anyone.
    If you are going into this with an attitude of negotiation you are giving away 99% of your position before talks are even started. I’m referring to “shut down or dramatically restructured” and “OCOT needs to become an election issue”.
    1. Shut this down. Do not let it become legitimate by accepting it’s present standing, whatever it may be, and walking in with an attitude of negotiation. They want this. It gives them a position of legitimacy.
    2. OCOT can only become an election issue under a completely new proposal or bill.
    Again, this needs to be shut down first. Then let them restructure their ideas under a failed and ‘caught red-handed’ history.
    If you don’t believe in or respect this OCOT fiasco then don’t give it any quarter. Tear it down and let it start over. Let it try to build itself anew upon it’s old ruins in the clear light of public opinion, not imperial, liberal, rough-handed, behind your back and in your face criminal politics.
    Remember who it is that the government works for. You do not work for them. You give them the mandate to govern by your votes. Don’t negotiate with cowardly criminals.

  5. Steve Payne says:


    As the editor, it was my error in having the words “or restructure it” as part of Garfield Dunlop’s position on the Ontario College of Trades. I have taken them out of this article. As PC critic for apprenticeships and skilled trades, Dunlop has just published a position paper on the Skilled Trades in Ontario (“based on my personal views, meant as a discussion paper”) in which he clearly states that he would like to see OCOT abolished, period. Canadian Contractor apologizes to all readers for the error.

  6. Questo says:

    Hi Steve, That’s what I understood about Garfield ideas, shut this insane venture down. It may end up like the gas plant. This OCOT serves no one in the trades, and its getting closer for us to see by April 8/2014. what they really stand for.

  7. Brian says:

    Thank you for the clarification, Steve.

  8. CARAHS supports this press conference and we ask that our members and all home renovation contractors take time out to attend this press conference. The more renovators in the press gallery the better. The Ontario Liberal Government will see how serious and important this issue is and how they will be creating unemployment in the home renovation sector. All attendees will get a Stop the Trades Tax t-Shirt to wear. Now is the time to visibly voice Renovators concerns.

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