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It seems Montreal city councillor Alex Norris has a primordial fear of gentrification

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A Montreal borough, Le Plateau-Mont Royal, is charging a "Parks Fee" of TEN PERCENT OF PROPERTY VALUES if the renovation is deemed to affect more than one-third of a house

Editor’s Note: Last week we reported how the Montreal borough of Plateau – Mont Royal has launched what we at Canadian Contractor consider the most viciously stupid attack on the renovation trade we have yet seen. Montreal City Council passed a bylaw, affecting this upscale area only (though we bet they’d like to implement it city-wide), that will levy a “Park Fee” of TEN PER CENT of property values for any renovation of more than 35 per cent of a property. Wow. (Click here for the full, insane story.)

Here’s a response from one of our loyal Montreal readers, Tim Goforth…

“It seems Montreal city councillor Alex Norris has a primordial fear of ‘gentrification’.”

Quebec is famous for its sensational tabloids. I’m stumped why I didn’t see Montreal city councillor Alex Norris’s picture on a front page in the grocery line up, riding an alien space ship into our airspace. He actually stated, “I only think it’s fair that the city gets some of this new wealth.” I am guilty of lending credence to this stupidity by commenting on it.  It seems he has a primordial fear of “gentrification”. Maybe he’s afraid of having his favorite clothing store “Schraeters” replaced by some upscale haberdashery.


Tim Goforth



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