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Hey Ontario contractors: Show your opposition to the new College of Trades tax at Queen's Park on Tuesday

The Canadian Association of Renovators and Home Services (CARAHS) has now joined the coalition against the new Ontario College of Trades and its punitive tax ($120 compulsory membership fees). Join us in showing your opposition to the College at 11 am on Tuesday, West Wing, Queen's Park

December 7, 2012
By Alec Caldwell

This Tuesday, Dec. 11, there will be a “Show of Force” press conference at 11am at Queens Park, urging the Liberal government to stop the Ontario College of Trades “trades tax.”  You, the contractor, is invited to attend, to show your opposition to the College. (The event is taking place in the Media Studio, West Wing, Queen’s Park, Ontario Legislature, Toronto. You may be required to show ID upon entering.)

The Show of Force is part of a campaign organized by the Ontario Construction Employers Coalition, which opposes the College’s compulsory $120 annual fees, which it has said it will begin to collect early in 2013.

The Coalition will announce 7 new members on Tuesday. The campaign to stop the trades tax has now grown to 31 associations representing more than 7,500 employers and 127,000 tradespeople.

On Tuesday, the Coalition will urge MPPs to sign a pledge to stop the trades tax, as it works to make this a central issue in the liberal leadership campaign.


The campaign has also grown beyond construction trades, and now includes tradespeople from hairdressers to auto mechanics who’ve signed a petition to stop the trades tax. For more information go to: <>. The Canadian Association of Renovators and Home Services (CARAHS) has now joined the Coalition.

There’s a gathering list of organizations against this new tax, including the likes of: Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) Durham Regional Home Builders Association, Greater Toronto Sewer & Watermain Contractors Association, Merit Openshop Contractorss Association,  of Ontario, Ottawa Construction Association See who else is in the coalition against the Ontario College of Trades 

Critics say this newly created College of Trades must be abolished, as it will hammer hardworking tradespeople with membership fees that will add up to $84 million a year. It’s a huge tax grab, with no clear benefit and no accountability.

Despite what the college says this is not a membership fee. With a membership people have a choice. This tax isn’t a choice. If tradepeople want to continue to do the job they love, and put food on the table at home, they have to pay this tax. In fact, many already pay for licenses and countless other fees to government. This would be millions of added costs forced on tradespeople to support a new government bureaucracy with no benefit to Ontario tradespeople or the economy.

CARAHS is a non profit Occupational Health & Safety Association delivering education, training & benefits to self employed contractors, renovators, builders & trades

Toll Free 1-866-366-2930

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3 Comments » for Hey Ontario contractors: Show your opposition to the new College of Trades tax at Queen's Park on Tuesday
  1. John MacMillan says:

    The new Ontario College of Trades organization that will start next month is going to be the worst thing that happens to Ontario labour system.

    I am an Alberta resident for the past 22 years after moving from the City of Sarnia, ON and have always renewed my Electrical license with a simple $60 fee every 3 years to the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities. I obtained my inter-provincial license in Ontario 33 years ago. I heard about the Ontario College of Trades for the first time last week when I received a letter form them stating I will now have to pay them $360 per 3 years. In addition there will be skill improvement criteria and additional ongoing fees in the future. I asked the client services department of the College of trades if any of the new Ontario trade regulations apply to me in Alberta and the answer was no. I asked why there is a 500% in crease in fees and they said it was to manage the Ontario trades program.

    My current renewal through the Ontario Colleges and Universities expires in 2014. I have also been advised by the new Ontario College of Trades that I must start paying them immediately even though my tradesman certificate of qualification renewal was just completed through the government of Ontario.

    I have a choice. Pay them the ransom demands of lose my inter-provincial electrical license. I was told by the Client Services department at the Ontario College of Trades that I will have no benefit from the Ontario program, no say into the program and ongoing absurd maintenance fees in order for me to continue to hold my Electrician Trade certification. It is the most disgusting thing I have seen in my 33 years as a qualified tradesman.

    What does this mean to an Ontario young worker who may want to become a Tradesman? He/she has choice. Start an apprenticeship and become a tradesman in Ontario that has too many new regulations in the new College of Trades and pay ongoing enormous membership fees in addition to skill improvement course fees or they could come to Alberta where the license is issued and good for life with no ongoing fees or hurdles.

    John MacMillan
    9013 96 Ave
    Fort Saskatchewan
    T8L 1E6

    • Robert Koci says:

      Dude, your story emphasises just how punative and disconnected from reality the regulatory system in Ontario really is. I am absolutely shocked that your livelhood should be threatened by a province you don’t even live in.

  2. David Palmer says:

    Why not write your ticket in Saskatchewan as I was in 1978 required to rewrite when working in Alberta. Hit the books for a few months, if required, instead of watching TV.
    You work in Saskatchewan and make what, $100,000.00 to $180,000.00/year….is the effort worth it? hmmm skill level rises, possibly more money.

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