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I've never heard this insulation tip before

A really cool insulation tip from that friggin' genius and our tools editor Steve Maxwell

March 29, 2012
By Robert Koci

Tools editor Steve Maxwell runs his own website at A recent post suggests a way to get spray foam insulation installed at a less-than-crazy price. If you have a customer that wants spray foam but balks at the cost, try this…

The essence of his idea is to cut foam board insulation to fit in between the studs of the wall, and then do a thinner spray foam finish over it to fill the cracks.

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2 Comments » for I've never heard this insulation tip before
  1. D. Brian Baker says:

    This is not a new concept and has and is being widely used. The key is to use the foam to air seal and then use traditional fiberglass or other as insulation. What kills insulation is the air flow through the material.

  2. Robert Koci says:

    Hey, Brian, I didn’t say it was new. I said I’d never heard of it!!

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