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Four reasons to install kitchen and bathroom skylights

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Humans crave fresh air and light. The beauty of skylights is in their ability to deliver both in the two rooms with the highest traffic and the most impact on comfort and wellbeing: the kitchen and the bathroom. And they always do it as well or better than windows. Here’s are four reasons why skylights make so much sense…

Building code limits


In urban areas, building codes limit the amount of window that can face close neighbours. (In many jurisdictions only seven percent of a wall can be glass where the neighbour is less than four feet away. Check your local building code.) That’s great for privacy, but it becomes difficult to bring light into the center of the house where bathrooms are located. Skylights on roofs are not usually counted in this formula, which makes installing skylights in second floor bathrooms not just possible, but limited only by the size of the room.

VELUX Solar Powered Venting Skylight needs no electrical wiring

Space use

Kitchens and bathrooms put a bigger premium on wall space than any other room in the home. Every inch of wall is precious. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fixtures, appliances all need wall space, which reduces dramatically the amount of window that can be designed into them. But skylights? They take no wall space at all! Where there is a ceiling with direct access to the attic, there is a place for them.

Does your customer want the kitchen or bathroom flooded with light? No problem. Place as many skylights as they like. Does your window, pass-through or doorway design take away cabinetry space? Get that wall space back without losing light or fresh air by including skylights.


Skylights make sense on a lot of levels, but it’s when considering their environmental impact that they really come into their own.

Start with home comfort and livability. Skylights deliver two times the amount of daylight as a wall window. It has been proven in studies over and over again: daylight and fresh air promote health and well-being. For over 75 years, VELUX has been a worldwide pioneer in the skylight category and now engineers hundreds of skylight options for any home installation.

VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight

For instance: Sun Tunnel skylights (see left) make an affordable solution for tight retrofits. The Cabrio Balcony Roof Window can instantly turn a tiny attic into a beautiful, comfortable space. Cabrio is also a cost effective solution to a dormer. Skylights in high cathedral ceilings can be remotely managed with a programmable remote control.

There was a time when skylights were thought to reduce energy efficiency. On the contrary, the solar gain from flat glass skylights can be better than windows.Adding solar powered blinds helps to increase energy efficiency and allow homeowners to control their environment with the touch of a button.

Your business

With all the practical advantages they bring, skylights also bring a certain sophistication to your business. When you have a solid knowledge of their uses and understand how they can enhance a home, they also enhance your reputation in the marketplace. When you bring your designers, purchasers and site supervisors up to speed on all aspects of skylight installation, performance metrics and lifestyle improvements, you will do what all builders must do if they are to succeed: separate yourself from the crowd. For more information on how to grow your business with VELUX register at


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3 Comments » for Four reasons to install kitchen and bathroom skylights
  1. LARRY CARTER says:

    Skylights are one of the products that contractors sell or install to homeowners that usually end in disappointment. Either the contractor does not understand the impact a skylight will have on the room in which it is installed or they do not want to discourage the customer because they need/want the business.
    The first and probably the only thing a homeowner needs to know is that in a Canadian winter warm air rises into the skylight, cools and then returns to the room. This creates a constant draught created by circulating air.
    I had an construction instructor that installed a skylight over the desk in his study to let in the beautiful sun light. The cold draft was so bad that he could not sit at the desk.
    As construction professionals I believe it is are duty to educate homeowners so that they can make informed decisions.

  2. contractor says:

    i would have to agree with Larry, skylights have their place. however bathrooms and kitchens produce the highest amount of humidity and skylights would help this moisture condensate more quickly than it could be exhausted, making the homeowner think that they are “leaking”. Be sure to pre-educate your customers

  3. Karl Bach says:

    I could not agree more. Our clients are often only after the light that a skylight provides. But it is important to educate them on the energy efficiency or ventilation that the skylight can have.
    We actually install many skylights on rear porches because the trend of large and deep rear porches takes away a lot of light on the main floor.

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