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Mike Holmes backs contractors against unreasonable clients

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"A few home improvement shows (and I won't mention which ones) have made some homeowners edgy and mistrustful of contractors," Holmes wrote in The National Post. "Remember respect is a two-way street. You have to give it to get it."

Here’s something we haven’t seen a lot of. And it’s welcome. In Mike Holmes’ weekly column for The National Post last week, the man who infamously said that 80 per cent of contractors were either “bad” or “ugly” listed some of the reasons that homeowners, not contractors, can be the bad or ugly ones.

Among Holmes’ criticisms of bad clients, he included homeowners with unreasonable schedules, homeowners who want stuff built against code, homeowners who want stuff for free and homeowners who are “confrontational from the get go.”

Holmes came close to admitting that his own show has stirred up the public against contractors. “A few home improvement shows (and I won’t mention which ones) have made some homeowners edgy and mistrustful of contractors,” he wrote. “Remember respect is a two-way street. You have to give it to get it.”

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5 Comments » for Mike Holmes backs contractors against unreasonable clients
  1. Adrian Bynoe says:

    I just might have to change my opinion of Holmes to a “like” – he made some very valid points

  2. Marten Burghgraef says:

    This same story was in the Ottawa citizen this past weekend. Well written.

  3. After almost 400 reviews on various sites, at hotwire electric we value our clients and their feedback. But we have had scensrios of attempted blackmail for freebies and threats of bad comments if we dont offer free stuff. The only way is a two wsy trust between contractors and clients. Were grateful for our clients and we standby our work. We refused to be part of negative and blackmail and the result at the end is the client realized our work is great, they got delivered superior workmanship and good service will always shine through at the end. You can’t please everyone 100percent but you can surely try. Meet and greet your ckients and endure yiu are a good fit for each other.

  4. harrypears says:

    I don’t think that it is reasonable to give this kind of verdict on the electrical contractors. However, the electrical works has been in high demand for sustaining that it is necessary to have a proper functioning and implementation. This kind of work demands a high potential approach that allows to provide an appropriate approach.

  5. Mollie M Kearns says:

    Mr Holmes are you still helping people my daughter in law got screwed over by her contractor her house looks like a war zone her. And my grand kids don’t even have a full working kitchen

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