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(Ministry of Transportation cops) ARE vultures

"$1,500 of tickets (from the MTO) one day... and then a month later, another $1,000 in tickets for things they apparently didn't catch the previous time."

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August 29, 2014 by Steve Payne

Alec Caldwell wrote an opinion piece on Wednesday in which he called Ministry of Transportation ‘cops’ in Ontario “vultures.”

Alec is hardly opposed to safety rules and regulations. His organization, CARAHS, gives all kinds of seminars on everything from Working at Heights safety, to Policies and Procedures for renovation contractors, to truck and trailer safety. Alec goes nuts when he sees safety violations on jobsites. And he is NOT on any enforcement agency payroll.

Michael Breault chimed in with this post, in reply to Alec’s…

“These guys are vultures. I was riding shotgun in a friend’s cube van and watched him get $1,500 of tickets one day, and then about a month later receive almost another $1,000 in tickets for different things that they apparently didn’t catch the previous time. How are small business owners supposed to keep up with this “legal extortion”?

Steve Payne

Steve Payne

Steve Payne is the editor of Canadian Contractor magazine
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2 Comments » for (Ministry of Transportation cops) ARE vultures
  1. Chris Langman says:

    These measures are meant to eliminate small (difficult to regulate and control) businesses. If you don’t have enough disposable income to maintain a (fleet of) poorly made North American vehicle(s), you should not be in business for yourself.
    Why are Japanese diesel pickup trucks not readily available in the Canadian auto market? Because reliable, quality construction does not allow the opportunity for fines, on top of fines, on top of fines, for poorly “maintained” vehicles.
    They should fine the auto-makers for poorly built vechiles, and regulators for unreasonable standards, and leave everybody who’s just trying to make a living alone.

  2. Erwin Zimmermann says:

    How are small business owners supposed to keep up with this “legal extortion”?

    Ontario court case NO: 386099912196100, Barrie, Ont. September 19, 2013.
    In my precedent setting case. My case never left the court room.
    That is how the MTO does it.
    Stand up and fight, join me, help me. Otherwise, the merry go round continues. Contact me on facebook. All that is needed is a honest lawyer.