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Mohawk College skilled trades students performing Hamilton, Ont. church reno

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The project has been funded in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation

Delta United Church in East Hamilton, Ont. has been turned into a one-of-a-kind classroom for a crew of 100 Mohawk College students as they renovate the venerable structure.

The community college’s Building Renovation students are conducting the renovations as part of a community project funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. The church’s main hall will be completely gutted with a new floor, ceiling, windows and lighting. The students will also build a new fully-accessible entrance to the church.

Here’s the link to the full story in Mohawk’s campus newspaper.




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2 Comments » for Mohawk College skilled trades students performing Hamilton, Ont. church reno
  1. Joe Greps says:

    Has the OCoT been notified? this must be shut down immediately!

  2. Oleber says:

    Amazing, does the ESA/ECRA/OCOT allow students to do electrical work, is this for real, or a joke,? What about plumber, and others, compulsory trades, really?
    Maybe those response able for this project know the OCOT and others are just coogs. Apparently now there is no need for any certification whatsoever, I wanna puk, as long anyone work for free. Did Tsubounci sign a executive order number,,,,,,,,,,. you know the rest.

    Either they, OCOT haven’t been notified, or know this at hand or out to know. The students doing this for free, don’t you guys get it, Its all a bullshit nothing more. Maybe someone from that college seats on the board of the OCOT. What a great card to be used.

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