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Canadian Contractor

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Jimmy Drum’s crew had just started work on the unfinished basement of Gerard and Sue Mezzieros. The project called for a high-end home theatre and a spare bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Jimmy had handled the negotiations with Gerard, a wealthy doctor, while his wife sat quietly on the sofa. But a few days after the work started, Sue came to life – and started to lay down the law

“I don’t want your people using our bathrooms,” she declared. “You can get a Port-a-Potty and put it in the backyard. And no parking your trucks on our driveway — you can leave them down the street.”

That wasn’t all. Sue said that the workers could only use the back stairs, could not play music no matter how quietly, and had to take their breaks in the basement so her neighbors couldn’t see them. “And that air compressor thing is so noisy it scares my dogs!” she complained. “Get something that doesn’t shake the whole house!”


Needless to say, Sue’s negative attitude towards the trades and their tools is both unexpected and stressful for Jimmy.


  1. Go along with Sue and don’t cause a fuss.
  2. Ask Gerard to intervene, explaining how Sue’s attitude is impacting him and his workers.
  3. Suggest that Gerard send Sue to Florida for a couple of weeks until the heavy work is done.
  4. Something else. Your suggested solution can be one of the above ideas, a combination, or your own idea entirely. Please explain your reasoning in up to 300 words of text.

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