Canadian Contractor

John Bleasby   

Act fast! Win a DeWalt 60V cordless track saw!

Canadian Contractor

Fisticuffs on the jobsite! What does the boss man do?

It’s a good framing crew. But now they’re fighting.

Ian Dobson preferred to leave his framing crew alone when they ate their lunches. He didn’t want to cramp their style. Although Dobson knew there were some ‘characters’ on his team, they appeared to be a cohesive unit. He figured joking around was part of the camaraderie. One of Dobson’s men, Howie, loved to dominate the group. Howie was physically big, acted bigger, and really seemed to enjoy poking fun at Bryan, a short stocky fellow who didn’t talk much. Howie had nicknamed him ‘Pastry,’ and constantly joked about Bryan’s height and width in front of everyone. Now, Howie has really pushed it too far. He has made some lewd comments about Bryan’s wife. It is deathly quiet around the lunch circle. You can feel it coming. Sure enough, Bryan launches himself full force at Howie, flailing away with both his fists. Dobson hears the yelling and walks in to see the other guys separating the two men, each with blood on their faces.

What should Dobson do now?

  1. Fire both Howie and Brian. He can’t allow fighting on the site.
  2. Offer Howie and Brian some company-paid counseling to help them deal with their attitudes and anger.
  3. Suspend both Howie and Brian for a week so tempers can cool down.
  4. Sit Howie and Brian down and try to figure out how to get them working together again as soon as possible.
  5. Something else. Please explain.

Email your answer to John Bleasby (
Deadline for entries is August 25th.


Your suggested solution can be any of the above ideas, a combination, or your own solution entirely.
Please explain your answer in up to 300 words of text.

The contractor-submitted answer chosen will win a DeWalt FLEXVOLT® 60V MAX 6-1/2″ Track Saw (DCS520T1 with DCB606, DCB118, in Tstak), with a retail value of  $669


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