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No good deed goes unpunished? Kamloops developer under WorkSafe BC’s intense scrutiny

It was just supposed to be a coat of paint to make some existing rental housing look better. Next came the HazMat suits.

October 5, 2018
By canadiancontractor

Here is a cautionary tale to any contractor who thinks that WorkSafe BC doesn’t take its job seriously.

Kelson Group, a local developer and property management firm, acquired some properties last year in Kamloops, B.C., that it plans to turn into new, multifamily rental units – some on a three- to six-year time frame.

Since some of the rental housing it acquired didn’t look so great, Kelson Group decided to hire a contractor to put a coat of paint on them. Trouble is, Kelson had already attracted WorkSafe BC’s attention for fall safety violations. Next came the lead paint inspection. Asbestos is on the agenda, too.

Read some excellent reporting from Kamloops This Week here.




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