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The OCOT power grab continues. Who is their next target?

Home renovators are dodging the OCOT/carpenters’ union grasp, but for how long?

December 17, 2015
By Alec Caldwell

Sounds to me like it’ll be only a matter of time before Ontario home renovators will have to add licensed carpenters to their list of OCOT-approved trades. They already need licensed electrician and plumbers. How would the addition of carpenters possibly help either home owners or the self-employed home renovator?

Perhaps it will push more self-employed renovators underground. It certainly could increase the cost of jobs for homeowners! Remember; union workers are paid handsome hourly rates plus pension and benefits, costly items that a self-employed contractor can currently escape.

The OCOT's coffers will overflow with cash if their grasp on trades continues to grow

The OCOT’s coffers will overflow with cash if their grasp on trades continues to grow

The carpenters union appear pleased with the recent 150 page Dean report on the Ontario College of Trades, at least to a certain degree. The only fly in the ointment for them are the forthcoming recommendations from a new 5 to 7 person review panel regarding the next compulsory trade. Who will their first target?

This so-called review panel will, I believe, be comprised of rank and file members, plus an added sprinkling of an outsider for window dressing.  Some might call this a kangaroo court, since the outsider would have little or no bearing on any voting outcome.


Finally OCOT can rub its hands with joy! It has been given the green light to go after hundreds of existing trades in this province who are not already under their thumbs. For them, this could be compared to working at the Royal Canadian Mint, printing endless amounts of money for themselves.

Wynne’s Liberals received support in the last Ontario election from both the OCOT and the carpenters union. Their prize was the potential of one day making home renovating, in particularly carpentry, a new compulsory OCOT trade.  That day is coming soon.

Once the carpenters’ union finds work for their members in the home renovations industry, where will they stop? Who will be next? Drywallers and tapers?  Painters? Is it possible that one day, homeowners will need ten union trades to carry out their washroom renovations?

Ontario runs the risk of becoming the new Quebec, controlled by unions in all sectors in construction.

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8 Comments » for The OCOT power grab continues. Who is their next target?
  1. Shane marks says:

    There is only on thing to do. We start our own union and use union dues to pay for lawyers. Give us a fighting chance against the carpenter union

  2. Kathy Wilson says:

    This is already happening all over Ontari-OWE thanks to the free reign these mobsters have over Government and all Industries. OCOT let’s not forget that PATRICK DILLON of Working Families Scum Coalition sits on all of these boards and being paid with our tax dollars.

    I said for years we should of banned together (since 2004) and hired a Lawyer way back then against this MOVEMENT to KILL LEGIT small businesses for McGuilty/WynneGATE’s backers … UNIONS!

  3. Union Jack says:

    I can understand the need for unions back in the day when workers were subject to cruelty and dangerous conditions in the work place, but today, come on, give me a break. Union does not even support union. It lives and breaths off the fact that non unit exists. Every union rah rah card carrying member I know loves to get up on the soap box a preach the union gospel, but I do not know any that truly walk the walk they talk. They feed at the union trough but when it comes time to part with their cash they do not take their cars to unions shops, hire union trades in the own home, shop only at union stores. If everyone was union, current union would want to be “extra union”. Today union is all about greed. The worst is the government union worker. They do not generate any new income into the economy and are paid well above their private sector counterparts. If everyone expected to be overpaid, above market determined value, the cost of living would be much worse than it already is. It is like an arm’s race with more greed and a me first attitude. When it comes to homes, a record should be kept on title indicating the standards incorporated in its constructions. Future buyers could then decide if they wanted a trade recognized structure that would meet or exceed the requirements of the day, or a homeowner build that may or may not. Insurance companies could assign rates based on perceived risk. In the true spirit of democracy people could make a choice and put their money where they felt it served them best. Union brotherhood could buy union built homes, and the rest of us could buy private section built homes, and the cheap and the poor (who always pay twice) could buy homeowner built homes.

  4. Questo says:

    Maybe a way to cool down this OCOT parasitic mater, and some other ones too.
    If under Elections Canada, or under the Canadian Constitution, a possibility of some political parties enter into agreement coalition, to form government , the liberals could be expelled out of queens park.

    This happen recently in Europe, those won the elections, were to set more austerity, then all the opposition made a coalition, form government, and the expelled those won the popular vote or majority,

    Its apparently the Liberal government is corrupted to their core, its a monster of all parasitic creations, in a economic backwards, has been a disaster so far, will get worse if Ontarians don’t wake up in time.

    If for example, NDP with 20% votes last election, PC 35%, greens 3%, if they get together, may only be a possibility of resolving some stupid Liberal policies and restore our province to a economic restoration.

    58% coalition, against Liberal 42%, under our democracy is the majority which form government. So I believe it can be done.

    If Ontarians waiting for the PC or the NDP and Greens to form government majority on their own, we all may be waiting for long time, and by then there will be to late.

    If the PC, NDP, and Greens have the option to form Government, fix Ontario mess, and opted not, deserve no votes at all, will show power greed, and not public servants, for the betterment of our Province.

    So, time to start asking questions, to the PC, NDP, and Greens, if its possible. They were all elected, after all, those on the opposition, are getting paid, if there is away to fix this Ontario Province mess, why isn’t done? Getting paid to watch our Province going down in a hell basket economically, isn’t funny. Allowing none profit org, to parasite on our economy, its a form of negligence.

  5. Not the Ontario College of Trades says:

    Back in the early stages of the OCOT rollout, it was asked if we were going to go down the same road as Quebec, the answer was an emphatic NO. I believe there is a video or audio interview out there somewhere of Dillon, Blackwood or Johnson stating so. if you find it please post a link.

    If you do some research you will find the original seed of all this was a proposal by the McGuinty government as a way to generate one of his “new revenue streams” he was talking about, thus converting voluntary trades to compulsory ones. How we got to the present OCOT is dumbfounding and mindboggling.

  6. Questo says:

    Please open the link, and you would see Johnson states what the OCOT is.
    A private bullshit, parasite on trades people, its more then apparent Ontario Liberal government sold the trades people to this insane agency.

    Only fools will be attracted to the trades when knowingly they just became slaves numbers of this agency, they can make no decisions, no voting, only pay and shut up. Be deceived with lies, charge twice on the same year for late payments, or even fines. They may have a compulsory certificate, for what? to became no body?

    I have been calling long time to investigate these parasites, under suspicious, our Ontario legislation was used as an escape goat to set in motion this corrupted OCOT and their CEO’s, fraudulently getting paid on trades people. The Liberals are selling everything these days, and trades certificates were no exclusion apparently.

    He states the OCOT isn’t a tax, really? its extortion, and twice taxable, increase from $60 dollars per 3 year, to 120 plus tax per year, =$ 406.8 dollars per 3 year. Did he had a OCOT license to still trades people?

  7. Bob says:

    In here are the fools,
    Looks like Peter have some source of gray matter malfunctions.

    The OCOT does not certified anybody, they just force a lease licence on those are already certified. So these fools are misleading the people of Ontario, so for that they lose all credibility on their own. Would not trust none of those, on the talk show, neither verbally nor carrier matters.

    Thus this electrician needs the OCOT for his protection? if so isn’t good enough, sorry body wouldn’t want you in my home doing any electrical work, nor hire you if the need arise, that’s my opinion. Anyone relies on any side agencies to protect his/her carries, have no integrity on their own.

    Anyone does a great and responsible work on their carries, their work will be the solo avenue of success, I have been there done it.

  8. Jean says:

    All trades need to stand up to the colleges of trades. Province wide strike. It will catch everyone’s attention. Everything in the province will come to a screeching halt. We are strong in numbers, and with nothing getting built, repaired, rebuilt, etc… People will notice when they cannot get their car fixed, public transportation goes down, air travel goes down, transportation of goods stops, and God forbid, a power outage. Let’s dismantle the colleges of thieves, which is what it really is. They do not assist the tradespeople of this province, just screw them.

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