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Tired of struggling as a reno contractor? Stay in the business but work smarter. Here's how…

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Next week's RenoSummit seminars: Vancouver, Monday, Nov. 12 Calgary, Wednesday, Nov. 14

Are you tired of “tire kickers” who call you in to quote on a renovation but don’t end up hiring you? Are you a renovator in the Vancouver or Calgary areas who would like to learn, in one day, how to make more money and work less?

If you are, register for one of the RenoSummit one-day seminars coming to your city next week (Vancouver, Monday, Nov. 12; Calgary, Wednesday, Nov. 14). The cost is only $99 per person for information and instruction that can help you build a powerful “plan for profits.” Click here to register:

The RenoSummit seminars are a co-production of Canadian Contractor and Remodelers Advantage, a Maryland-based organization that specializes in helping renovation contractors to build more professional, profitable and pleasurable businesses.

“We will be giving a wealth of information to contractors,” says Victoria Downing, president of Remodelers Advantage. “You don’t have to struggle as a renovation contractor, no matter how tough your local market, no matter what lowball competitors you are going up against. You need to plan for profits. You need to eliminate the “tire kickers” that call you in to quote on a job but won’t hire you. We will teach you how to improve the way you make and manage money, how to do low-cost, hard hitting marketing, and how to sell yourself. We will cover everything from project management to estimating, to managing your trades. We’ll give you tools you can put to work the very next day, to help your business grow.”


RenoSummit is sponsored by Lepage and Milwaukee Tools Canada.




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4 Comments » for Tired of struggling as a reno contractor? Stay in the business but work smarter. Here's how…
  1. Rose says:

    We are not in any of the areas that are offering the one day course on how to avoid tire kickers. Is it possible to get the content of the seminar?

    • Steve Payne says:

      Peter, we will be reporting on the first RenoSummit seminar, in Vancouver on Nov. 12th, right here online. Obviously you won’t get the same depth of detail that you would get from attending. Shoot me an email ( with your contact info, and we’ll see what else we can do for you.

  2. Helen says:

    We are in the home renovation business in Ontario. We are particularly interested in the seminar [ how to stop reno “tire kickers”]. Is it available online? We are in a smaller rural area where we are unlikely to be able to attend a seminar even if they were offered in Ontario.

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