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Ontario College of Trades: Ten employees on the $100k "Sunshine List"

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The Ontario "Sunshine List" of government and government-agency employees making big bucks has lots of OCOT employees therein. Next week, the gigantic list of Sunshine employees at the WSIB.

Former Ontario premier Mike Harris had many detractors. But one thing that was transparent and honest about his government was its creation of the “Sunshine List.” This list is an annual public disclosure of all government employees (and people that work for government agencies) making over $100,000 a year.

The Ontario College of Trades shows up prominently on the Sunshine List for 2013, published last week, as below.

In addition to these 10 employees on the payroll from 2013 (some of whom may no longer be employees in 2014, such as the former Registrar Robert Guthrie), the OCOT has at least 30 (the number may be higher by now) field inspectors making $80,000 plus their expenses, equipped with brand new OCOT vans.

This list was forwarded to Canadian Contractor by Doug Leitch, but is publicly accessible with a simple Google search for anyone that wants to read about other sectors, such as the WSIB. (We will follow up with a post on the WSIB very soon.)


Ontario College of Trades BARBOUR WARREN
Director of Member Services

Ontario College of Trades BRENDERS ANTHONY
Chief Operating Officer/Executive Director

Ontario College of Trades DEENGAR ROHIT
Manager, Finance/Controller

Ontario College of Trades GREEN JEFFREY
Manager, Investigations & Hearings

Ontario College of Trades GUTHRIE ROBERT
Registrar and Chief Executive Officer.

Ontario College of Trades JUOZAPAVICIUS DAINORA
Senior Advisor

Ontario College of Trades ONYSCHUK ROBERT
Director of Compliance & Enforcement

Ontario College of Trades POIRIER JOHN
Manager, Standards

Ontario College of Trades TESOLIN TETYANNA
Manager, Human Resources/Labour Relations

Ontario College of Trades ZAJAC WALLY
Manager, Information Technology




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24 Comments » for Ontario College of Trades: Ten employees on the $100k "Sunshine List"
  1. Dorothy Yemen says:

    What a rip off. Another piece of government bureaucracy that small business is financing. Time for a change of government.

  2. Oleber says:

    This is in special for electrical contractors and master electricians.

    Hey compulsory electricians out there wake up for the fraud that is, ESA/ECRA
    look who start the ECRA, the same ones start the OCOT, the ECAO, etc.

    Now compulsory electricians have been reduced to nothing in this province.
    You have been decriminalized, just the fact you choice to be an electrician as you career, became attractive for the hijackers.

    Special targets to support all these boards of parasites. In all names and creations, under guises and bullshit protections. This all about money grab nothing more.

    The history of this liberal government is amazing, certification of demolition, and destruction, all in our cost the hard working class. The bulldozer of the 21 century.

    In my opinion the sunshine list should be exposed right at the entrance of the OCOT building in big sign, in red color, will pick more attention.

  3. Oleber says:

    How much are these guys are getting paid? Can you see the rabbit hole?

  4. Oleber says:

    The ESA/ECRA bless this under the Liberal government, right?
    Another so called safety under ESA, and costumers protection,
    public protection all source of names.

    Another mantra from this Liberals, moving forward, right?
    Its scam after scam with no apparent end.

  5. Joe Greps says:

    to my peers I can say only this, as a tradesman I left for Alberta a year ago, my wages doubled overnight, I don’t worry about layoffs and shortages of work anymore. There seems to be a much better balance between public and private sector workers and I don’t feel like the the second class citizen I was in Ontario.

    Gas is cheaper, GST is 5%, my standard of living has doubled, my occupation is valued and respected.

    I came out here as a short term arrangement, put a few bucks away and pay the bills back home.

    I will never be back.

  6. Oleber says:

    Hey Joe, I wish you the best and thanks to prove a point, which many trades people here in Ontario, in special compulsory trades seems to love the ways they have been treated. Just look the way ECRA start, and then jack prices up, now these OCOT, what is nest? Apparently the same cronies over and over.

    The Liberal government was and still a disaster in this Province, its like the orwelliam movie. Who the hell wants to became a trades people in this province, who the liberals are trying to convince?

    Joe, in April 8/2014 will be a press conference by Garfield at Queens park, will be very interesting, keep eyes on it.

  7. Bob2 says:

    Joe – good to hear, making the move has lingered in my mind for a while now, I’ve yet to pull the trigger but I’m sure it will happen sooner then you know anything about the commercial/industrial HVAC/R trade in Alberta as far an jobs or the lack of?

  8. Joe Greps says:

    Hey Bob you won’t have any trouble finding 6 figures+ here, my only warning would be up front costs until you get settled are a bit steep, hotels and such are very pricey.

    People always think good jobs in AB are all about the tar sands and that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Demand is everywhere and while oil may be the spark that drives the economy here it carries into everything else. I think if I was an AC guy I would just go the one man indie operator route – you will be declining jobs within a month – take whatever you thought you could get in Ontario and double it.

  9. Bob2 says:

    Thanks Joe, I’ve been contemplating of setting up my own gig here but I cant’ get Alberta out of my mind, I’m sure Alberta money is great but its not even the driving force behind me wanting to get out, the liberal government is my problem and OCOT is just another thorn in my side, I’m fully licensed but I still see OCOT as nothing more then a money grab and not what they claim to be, a protector of licensed tradesmen.

  10. Dan says:

    Moving to alberta? Possibly a great idea!!
    In ontario:
    Natural gas up 40 percent
    Electricity up 28 percent
    Ocot every year
    I don’t get that big a raise!!!
    Many trades people retiring..
    Can’t afford to live and work in ontario with my family
    Time to plan yours/ mine exit stragety

  11. ralf weber says:

    tradesman for 31 years, fees coming out of my ass, less profit more government shit, alberta starting to sound good, like to make 100000 k a year too

  12. Joe Greps says:

    If your blood isn’t boiling already:

    Progressive Conservative candidate Anthony Macdonald repeated the ongoing PC attacks against the College of Trades, an independent, industry-driven governing body that finally gives Ontario’s skilled tradespeople decision-making power over their own industry.

    Unlike Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak, we don’t think politicians and bureaucrats know more about the skilled trades than skilled tradespeople themselves. We believe that they deserve to have the same opportunity as 43 other self-regulating professional bodies in Ontario, like social workers, real estate agents and teachers. The PCs want to increase bureaucracy by putting government back in the driver’s seat. Why?

    And while we’re sticking to actual facts, it’s important to note that journeypersons and apprentices pay the lowest membership fees of any regulatory body in Ontario, meaning taxpayers are no longer expected to foot the bill. Under the PC plan, responsibility for the trades would be put back into the hands of government and paid for again by taxpayers.

    The College of Trades is helping protect consumers by making sure that important work is being performed by qualified, skilled tradespeople. Enforcement on the underground economy has been stepped up, and consumers now have access to a registry that displays members’ standing with the College, so you can have peace of mind knowing that the person fixing your grandmother’s brakes or wiring your family’s home is qualified.

    Our government knows that one in five new jobs in Ontario over this decade is expected to be in trades-related occupations. That’s why we’re not only making record investments in infrastructure, but investing $165 million in 17 programs this year alone that offer support to both apprentices and employers looking to hire them. We now have double the number of apprentices training in Ontario as 10 years ago.

    The College of Trades is protecting consumers and giving skilled tradespeople the decision-making authority they deserve. Let’s stop with the false attacks and let them continue to do great work in this province.

    Liz Sandals

    MPP, Guelph

    Almost Orwellian, it flabbergasts me that such flagrant abuse of truth or “facts” as she fancies, is tolerated. One would like to think that one of Ontario’s oldest newspapers, The Guelph Mercury, endures as more than an unquestioning propaganda outlet but I suppose such are the times for our struggling print media.

    I suppose one could entertain that in truth she is not as much morally questionable as perhaps just simple or ignorant. From that perspective I suppose we can share a few “truths” for our fact loving Liz:

    – Unlike those 43 other self-regulating professional bodies in Ontario, the OCoT does not allow any of it’s members a vote in the leadership or direction of the College. On an individual basis it does not give Ontario’s skilled tradespeople decision-making power over their own industry – just the bill.

    – To balance it’s budget the OCoT’s received a $4,983,056 operating grant – paid for – by taxpayers. By definition that isn’t “independent”.

    – The College of Trades is helping protect consumers by making sure that important work is being performed by qualified, skilled tradespeople. Unless of course they are carpenters, floor installers, masons, tattoo artists, painters, roofers, cabinet makers, iron workers, locksmiths, elevator mechanics, welders, bakers, chefs, hot tub installers, gem setters, meat cutters and about 1000 other occupations that apparently are competent to manage themselves without a compulsory college…..

  13. questo says:

    Hey Joe, I am having a hard time trying to understand what kind of cool aid this MPP have been drinking. when local unions, them selves are departing from this none cense OCOT.

    I have many certificates some are compulsory some aren’t, also diplomas, and 35 years in my field, for this MPP open his garage, and try to tell us all certified people in this Province, we may not understand our trade, he his asking for to be kicked out of the PC party, in Asap. Or a sign the OCOT is in deep debt, and trying to use this MPP for their advantage, and he took the bait.

    This OCOT is apparently running on our public money to steal even more from us, trades people, how this could be understood?

    Does This MPP have the balls to confront live TV debate, with a group of certified and none certified trades people? I would like to hear from him. He must be really stupid, Mr., Tim Hudak should ask him to quit outright.

    He can’t understand, if the economic power house of construction goes down like the nineties, which may occur, how fast will he run? Is this kind of low mentality we unfortunate have in our government. We the trades people have been assaulted for the purpose of monetary gains, under all kinds of guises.

    The liberals government mismanage the public founds to the limits of incompetence, created all these alphabetic soap agencies in our cost.
    Ho much Liability insurance does the politicians have, in case of f,, up?.
    Should those create this economic mess up pay for it?
    Getting paid to f,,, things up must be a grate job.

  14. Joe Greps says:

    Sprinkler fitters just made compulsory.

    Split vote carried by Bernard Fishbein after bias objections to his participation was apparently dismissed.

    One can be quite comfortable all trades under review will fall to the same fate.

    Details on CoT decision here:

    Bias concerns here:

    One would think it would be easy to find a more suitable candidate – perhaps someone that actually works in the trade. That’s what this College claims right? – empowering tradespeople to make their own decisions….

    Home renovator crowd is on borrowed time if you don’t get a lot louder.

  15. Shane marks says:

    I have been a carpenter for 15 years … I have worked very hard at my job to become the best that I could be … Unfortunately the liberal government is about to take my job and business away from me since I am not licensed … In all fairness if I could do it all over again I would get my license but when I started in This business I never thought that something like this could happen … How does a 34 year old single father with mortgage and payments start all over … I can’t even challenge the exam because out the 15 years I have only work 4000 hrs for another employer and the rest was self employed … I will to take a stand in hopes that we can either get rid of the ocot or come up with another for this to work for everyone who has invested their lives in to working hard

  16. Questo says:

    Hey guys spring elections, things may change for better, the ego-scandals sociopaths its apparently over, most likely the Liberals will lose this upcoming election, if not we may need a lot of Vaseline, LOL.

    Lets hope for the best for all of us, in Ontario, job creation not taxation and side ways cronies agencies, to be abolished.

  17. Peter says:

    Anatomy of power abuse and criminal intent by OCOT and ESA bureaucrats

    This is how it works in any country or sector. An example:

    First there is a small group of clever affluent professional bureaucrats with selfish or criminal intentions as well as connections and friends in the government

    then a grand cause is invented

    an idea of a great benefit is introduced to friends in the government. Public safety is often used

    a campaign and lobbying begins promoting the noble cause and its huge benefits. Safety is priceless, only a mad man could be against it, friends trust each other and there is no need to discuss the cost to the public at this stage

    the government accepts the grand idea with its huge benefits and makes it a law

    our happy bureaucrats, who are now the owners and/or executives of the new regulating monopoly, create bylaws. They give themselves virtually unlimited power and finally introduce the fees, fines and penalties, fulfilling the real purpose for which the whole matter was launched

    ever increasing high salaries, wages, bonuses, pensions, post-employment benefits, allowances and reimbursements are their prize for many years to come. Well worth all the efforts!

    as to the public safety, it is not clear whether it improved or deteriorated. But who cares …

    OCOT and ESA are both a perfect example of the above. They are criminals in law.

  18. Jay Douglas says:

    Thieves. A SIX HUNDRED PERCENT INCREASE in our annual license fee-!
    Will we NEVER be rid of McGuinty who bankrupted this province?
    I guess not. Wynne is continuing to STEAL, and LIE.
    It is CRIMINAL what they’re shoving down our throats.

  19. johnny westwood says:

    I just heard that the college of trades donated 2 million dollars to goodwill.if this is true is that legal and how do they justify hi yearly fees,while squandering our hard earned dollars.

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:


      Thanks for your post. It’s true that the Ontario College of Trades has held information sessions (how to get into the trades, essentially) with (or at least at) Goodwill locations, but we can’t find any corroboration of your alleged $2-million donation from OCOT to Goodwill. As we all know, Goodwill TECNO (Toronto, Eastern, Central and Northern Ontario) has filed for bankruptcy protection. If you have accurate information to share on this donation you refer to, please post it… again, we can’t confirm it happened from our end.

  20. kevin buckley says:

    It is great to read some of the comments re theESA and OCOT. These organizations have carved out a nice slice of easy street for themselves, while pounding the skilled tradespeople of this province with ever increasing and outrageously expensive fees.
    The ESA in particular is quite sickening in its self righteousness, self importance and arrogance, as it donates large sums of money to charities, while threatening electrical contractors with huge fines and even jail time if they dont comply, pay up and tow the line.
    There is something in the very fabric of Canadian – and especially Ontarian – culture that allows these so-called crown corporations to not only thrive, but to become almost omnipotent. They are undoubtedly self serving criminal organizations operating under the thick facade of the establishment and propped up by good old fashioned nepotism.

    I despair. Is there anything that can be done – besides a revolution – to stop these organizations from having everything their own way?

    Electrical Kevin

  21. Al says:

    This is a absolute joke I pay 135 a year for a sticker for my wallet which is about 1/4 in square ???? Obviously my money is going to pay those high ten salaries. Disgusting is not the word ! This dept created by the liberals must be demolished asap.

  22. Andre Charette says:

    Hopefully mister Ford will look into this as well as look into that

    TARION rip off

    These people need to be accountable to the public

  23. jo says:

    sad. i had a friend in the carpentry trade in his 1st year. he said he was just used and abused as cheap labor and exploited; doing nothing related to his trade. the few who did not quit were with big government employment…but their work was zero to do with the training. another friend a carpenter said they were working for a sub contractor building a house they would split the value as their pay. some jackals showed up as trades inspectors from the college and demanded to see trade certificates — which no-one had. so they all quit and sold the project to another contractor.

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