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Ontario College of Trades “Dean Review”: What contractor groups (and unions) are saying

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Lots of reading here if you want to see what various groups think about the Ontario College of Trades. Lots of unions urging it on. All of them, in fact.

Editor’s Note:  It’s been clear to us folks at Canadian Contractor that the vast majority of our renovator and custom homebuilder readers want the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) broken up and hauled out to the dump.

OCOT collects stiff fees from “compulsory” trades – and provides questionable/non-existent value in return, we are told again and again.

Our readers do not, for the most part, want the OCOT to be renovated.

But that’s exactly what’s going to happen with a majority Liberal government at Queen’s Park. Plans for the renovation are being drawn up by Tony Dean, a longstanding bureaucrat who is being paid God-knows-what to conduct endless consultations with construction unions and associations and other bodies.

Some of these bodies, like the Progressive Contractors Association, have been highly critical of the OCOT.

Others, like the carpenters’ unions, have been salivating at the mouth at the thought of making it illegal for non-licensed trades to engage in connecting pieces of wood together.

To read these various viewpoints, see the dozens of submissions to Tony Dean’s review process here – with more to come.





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