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Ontario College of Trades: "A police force that merely serves to charge us for the right to work"

"The College has moved ahead with its own agenda despite opposition from the beginning."

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November 12, 2013 by Steve Payne

Bruce Bolduc posted this in reply to Alec Caldwell’s recent article that said the Ontario College of Trade’s new boss, David Tsubouchi, would be able to make the new organization useful to our industry:

“I would like to hope that your assertion [is correct] that the College of Trades may be made more palatable due to David Tsubouchi.

I would like to respectfully point out that the college has moved ahead with its own agenda despite opposition from the beginning.

The introduction of a new “police force” on the worksite is both unwanted and unwelcome.

The possibility of the college offering a new “benefits” package seems an afront in light of the now mandatory [WSIB] coverage for independent operators and executive officers.

Lastly, I assume you are aware that neither the College of Trades nor the Ministry of Labour offers training, nor do they plan to offer it. The fact that you had the opportunity to see an unsafe workplace first hand, only serves to prove that despite the wealth of knowledge put forth by the OHBA, OGCA, IHSA, private organizations such as yourself and others, there are still builders ignoring or blissfully unaware of the safe way to work.

Will another police force that merely serves to charge us for the right to work change that?

– Posted by Bruce Bolduc on Oct. 31, 2013

Steve Payne

Steve Payne

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3 Comments » for Ontario College of Trades: "A police force that merely serves to charge us for the right to work"
  1. M.J. Fournier says:

    We Contractors just make way too much money!
    Last summer I was called out to quote a heating installation in a well-to-do ($500,000) + subdivision just west of London, typical 3 car garage home. Neither the underground gasline, nor the indoor undersized, pieced-together gasline feeding this fellows “Mancave” he had built in his back yard, had Tssa contractor pressure tags on them. The duct system was up in the attic and partially completed.
    “Buddy” who picked up the furnace at a local wholesaler, and installed the gas as well, never came back to finish up.

    I asked the fellow what he did for a living…..he was a firefighter…..nice house I thought to myself, I am doing something wrong.

    As I was taking measurements for the rest of the ducting, gas etc., he mentioned he wanted to supply the matierial himself, presumably from the list I was putting together for my quote. I fealt as if I was insulting his intelligence by explaining to him that Contractors generally supply the matierial and mark it up in order to help cover their many overhead expenses. He replied with, “Oh you guys already make enough money”. That is a direct quote.

    I guess the moral of this story is, the next time you “Overpaid Contractors” are having a tough time meeting payroll, paying your monthly current source deductions, Wsib, vehicle, liability, performance insurances, equipment and vehicle maintenance costs, in our case Tssa contractor registration fees, College of Trade registration licence fees, as well as if there will be enough work to keep your good, well-trained staff employed, and if all of your clients will pay their bills, and on, and on,……think of that poorly compensated Firefighter living in that 3-car garage ,$500,000 + home.
    I know I always do.

  2. Jose Armas says:

    M.J. you never know the fire fighter could be married to a high level executive with the College of trades……..lmao………in your case been there before went through the motions of measuring some quick little notes and quickly exit with a verse I’ll give you a call tomorrow with some pricing………….see you……never

  3. Kathy says:

    Yes and the funny part about quoting jobs for these Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Government, Accountants, Lawyers is they are the first one asking people to do the job for “cash” so they can save on HST and no problem will I give you if there is a problem with your work. PFFFT!!!

    Contractors in our area do the same thing, yeah I will call you tomorrow with a quote and walk. They have your phone number and call constantly leaving messages still waiting for your quote! Not happening sorry!