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Ontario of College of Trades keeping its enforcement officers: Letter from David Tsubouchi

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"The College is mandated to protect the public interest and integrity of skilled trades' professionals by confirming credentials and weeding out the underground economy," Tsubouchi says

Here is a letter to Canadian Contractor from David Tsubouchi, Registrar & CEO of the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT), about our May 18 story saying that “policing” of the OCOT was being handed off to “others” (the Ontario Ministry of Labour). Not true. The policing is staying at the OCOT, Tsubouchi says. It’s the “regulatory and administrative oversight” of the OCOT that is going to the MOL, he explains. 

To the Editor

I am writing in regards to the May 18, 2016 article titled “Ontario College of Trades hands major part of its policing off to others” and to clarify the headline which may mislead readers.

While the provincial government did transfer the regulatory and administrative oversight of the Ontario College of Trades (College) from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities (MTCU) to the Ministry of Labour (MOL), I would like to assure your readers that the College’s enforcement officers will continue to enforce the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act, 2009 as it applies to the 22 compulsory trades in Ontario and our members. The College is mandated to protect the public interest and integrity of skilled trades’ professionals by confirming credentials and weeding out the underground economy.


It is also important to note that this transfer between Ministries in no way impacts any of the other day-to-day operations of the College,  including updating training curriculum and standards, promoting skilled trades, providing various member services such as issuing certificates of qualification and updating our Public Register. In other words, it will be business as usual. The College will also continue to work with MTCU on matters relating to apprenticeship.

We look forward to working with Minister Kevin Flynn and the staff of the Ministry of Labour and have no doubt that their expertise in complex labour matters will be very helpful to us as we fulfill our mandate by regulating and promoting the skilled trades.

Given the change in Ministries will involve a transition period, the College will post any updates on our website——to keep our members and stakeholders informed of how the process is moving forward.

David Tsubouchi
Registrar & CEO
Ontario College of Trades


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8 Comments » for Ontario of College of Trades keeping its enforcement officers: Letter from David Tsubouchi
  1. Stephen Reid / V A Reid and Sons Ltd. says:

    The college of trades needs to publish reports to it’s stake holders about pending investigations and tickets issued to unlicensed contractors and persons passing themselves off as licensed trades especially plumbers and electricians. This may help improve the relationship between red seal trades persons now registered with the college of trades.

  2. Bill Pascall says:

    A complete farce. Taken away by the Mcwynty government and handed over to private group of board members for profit. Then the burden of enforcement is handed over to another government agency. Does the money from our insanely high fees get fed back to the government coffers? Doubt it. The taxpayers are on the hook for it, while private board members rake in our dues.
    Let our hydro bills and high taxes pay for it. Wyne and Mcguinty need to put in jail!!

    • Kathy says:

      OCOT just like Mandatory WSIB was an attack on the LEGIT businesses and trades. McGUILTY, WYNNEGATE AND BANDITS along with PDiddy = Patrick Dillon of the Working Families Scum Coalition. This was all to get the UNDERGROUND economy which was all smoke and mirrors as they did jack chit when I handed them some of them dar folks. They attacked the LEGIT people who they knew were doing the right thing in their businesses.

      This was all a MONEY grab something that the most Criminal Regime Lie-berals of Ontari-OWE are good at.

      Pay tons to WSIB to get nothing if injured or pay our Private Insurance that covers us 24/7 for anything that might happen. Carry our own Liability insurance, accident insurance and Disability insurance. We were NOT allowed to speak on these two Bills that were just RAM and SCAM cha ching (we’re in the money) How many undergrounders have been got = ZERO as they were not aboveboard to begin with MORONS lol

      I agree with Bill McGuilty, WynneGATE and all lie-berals since 2003 should be in prison already for their crimes and more importantly for their scandals, coercion tactics, and I could list a 1,000 more. Oh and I won’t exclude Patrick Dillon of Working Families Scum Coalition as he makes more money than GOD sitting on all these boards appointed to him by McGuilty/WynneGate and bandits. Union and Mafia too boot!

  3. Questo says:

    The Ontario College of Trans-passing on trades compulsory people, may not expose those passing themselves as License Electricians and Plumbers or others, because may erode their status. The college is interesting only in collecting the fees, on those sign with them, regarding protecting them its only an illusion, the same as consumers protection, all bs.

    Apparently, Tsubouchi loves to miss-lead the trades people, makes him happy, and secure his paycheck almost 200k, on hard working trades, not bad for a few miss-leading words. Is he certified on public lies?

  4. Ryan B says:

    What a bunch of bull. They’ll do what ever they have to do to justify the board members’ 100k + saleries. All the ocot protects is the government’s potental tax grab but the last time I checked they were still in the red. If the government was concerned about us in any way they would of raised our renewals modestly and properly funded the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Training and Colleges.

    Former Ontario Resident
    Membership Cancelled!

  5. Jordan Beechey says:

    Hello My name is Jordan Beechey, I am a Journeyman working on my 3rd trade, 2nd apprenticeship. I completed the O.Y.A.P. program by 1998 which had no fees to join the schooling or have a C of Q renewal fee after I completed in 2000. There was more service, less hastle to get registered and an assessment was done that advanced me into my 2nd year. This time around, I haven’t seen, or heard from the district coordinator I gave up on after the 3rd unanswered voicemail. They sent my invite to another apprentices address I work with. They now charge $552 tuition fees aside from trying to get journeyman 2x trade fees instead of apprenticeship class and when I was stiffed for my spot last September because they sent 50 invites for 24 spots, the community college wanted a waiting list fee aside from the OCOT waiting list. This was not supposed to be charged. I went to the registrars office and paid the $552 ($400 (fee)+152 (admin and tax) before I even received my invite, just in case it was sent to the wrong address again. I didnt want to be the “barcode/$” that missed the 24/50 spots. I was a spokesman at industrial awareness day at the end of high school because I believed in the program. Now with a bad taste in my mouth over the greed and lack of service. Im doing this for me, not OCOT!

    • Jordan Beechey says:

      I am attempting to volunteer my services to help with the Tradespersons Monument in Ottawa to be a part of something I believe in and that is real Canadians! I pay fees to OCOT because I have to in order to be what I have always wanted to be. Again a part of something but, mandatory with only results I pursued. Im guessing the hen party in the office I interrupted won’t see this with bon bons on the keyboard!

      • Jordan Beechey says:

        In conclusion,
        I survived an OCOT fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. The $400 tool allowance was a nice gesture although didn’t scratch the $10K In tools I have invested. I would have used it towards tuition but was asked to be paid with income tax return. I haven’t finished the apprenticeship yet, that was the second (separate) program I completed. Yes,
        I’m watching you David Tsubouchi! I have told my skilled trades friends your Sheriffs of Mcwyntyham are coming, and are to have trade cards ready! If I am blessed with helping at the monument, I can bringa said tools, and help rebuild parliament too!
        Journeyman Jordan
        Gremlin of New Berlin

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