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Ontario Grants Fund Residential Rehab Assistance Renovations

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By Bruce MacKinnon

A major tool for selling home renovations for people with disabilities are the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) forgivable-loans to homeowners and landlords.

CMHC reminds renovators that it has two programs to provide funding for residential upgrades for the disabled. The first is a forgivable loan of $24,000-$36,000 to create a self-contained housing unit within an existing home. Any changes must conform to local building and zoning laws. The loan is non-repayable if all program conditions are met.

The second program covers the costs of disability-specific modifications made to an existing residence. Qualified modifications would include, wheelchair ramps, safety features, and items to improve daily living conditions like adjusting the height of countertops, chair lifts, handrails and moving fire alarms and doorbells.


The program offers the same forgivable loans of $16,000 to $24,000 to homeowner and $24,000 to $36,000 to landlords.


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18 Comments » for Ontario Grants Fund Residential Rehab Assistance Renovations
  1. Dana says:

    How so you access these funds under what program ?

  2. Debbie Gledhill says:

    My husband is in a wheelchair all the time and we need a ramp installed at our rental apartment. Our landlord is completely on board with it. Where could we find funding to pay for this wheelchair ramp?

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:

      We have forwarded your request, Debbie, to John McLellan, our good friend who is a contractor just east of Toronto who specializes in renovations for the disabled. He is an expert on this topic and for sure will be in touch with you.

  3. Jo says:

    My dad is now wheelchair bound and we would need a wheelchair ramp in our garage to the basement where they live …. how to apply for this funds?

  4. Laurie Watson says:

    My Mom can no longer manage the steps up into her house but really wants to be able to stay there. Where do we look for financial assistance with a ramp?

  5. Jim Stacey says:

    Can you tell me how to start the process to have out kitchen made handicapped accessible. My wife is now using her chair most of the time because she can’t stand very long.

  6. Lorelei says:

    Hi I live in a house in Kitchener, Ontario ,I need a wheelchair ramp build in the front of my rental unit, I have a daughter that’s in a manual wheelchair ..I been lifting her in and out but I can’t do it anymore due to arthritis and osteoporosis in my back…spoke to my landlord and he gave me permission to get one built !! But I need funding for it so wondering how it works …ty

  7. I am in need of installing a platform lift which was given to me after her death last fall. The lift needs to be hard wired fi=or power and the deck at the front door needs to be built up about 6-8 inches to be level with the front door. A new entry door with opposite swing inside and outer storm door including all casements and trim needs to be installed. Some handle rails reworked .Was wondering if anyone in the Fort Frances Ontario area could do an assessment ?-Cell 807-271-3735 or E Mail.

  8. Dan Flude says:

    We live in Minden On. and own a double wide house. My wife has MS and we need a wheelchair ramp built. Is there any assistance we can receive to have it built as MS society could not help?

  9. eva says:

    how would I go about having a ramp put onto my home. I am a senior and use a walker and cane.

  10. Linda Mulligan says:

    Hi there my name is Linda Mulligan and I just had my lower leg and foot amputation. I live in ottawa ONT and what I need help is a wheel chair ramp to go home. Is there any way I can find help with the funding. I desperately need help. I hope someone can help me.

  11. Nadia says:

    Hi my husband is in a wheelchair and we need a ramp installed at our rental.
    Is there grants available for one?

  12. Katie nute says:

    I in am a wheelchair now and cant walk in need of a wheelchair ramp dont have the funds to build one as on assistance they wont help or guide me either will my ot i have. Can someone help me i am only 33 and have 2 kids. is my email

  13. Lynda Lieberman says:

    We are currently having a condo built because my husband is disabled with 2 forms of cancer and he is unable to manage stairs. He currently uses a walker and cane but may need a wheelchair soon. We would like to install a ramp in the garage to access the main floor. We also want to know about grab bars in the bathrooms and shower and a seat for the walk-in shower. Are there any rebates or income tax benefits available to us in Windsor, Ontario, Canada?

  14. Edward Togeretz says:

    my parents need a ramp and a bigger porch added to there home, they are both in their 80’s , is there a loan or a grant available for them

  15. Bowen Setchell says:

    My wife had a strock last october and soon will me coming home I have not been working for over a year due to my work place went bankrupt then needed to be home with three kids. I need a ramp installed in front of house can any government person help with cost?

  16. Kyle says:

    Hello I am looking to have a wheelchair ramp build for my father house. I is now stuck in a wheelchair and require easier access in and out of the house for dialysis appointments. He lives in Bradford and would really apprieicate a way to get his built for him?
    Contact info

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