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Ontario to introduce law to regulate home inspectors

The legislation will be introduced at Queen's Park this fall

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August 17, 2016 by Steve Payne

This just in, from the PR people at the Ontario Ministry of Government and Consumer Services…

News Release

Ontario to License Home Inspectors

New Law Would Strengthen Consumer Protection, Level Playing Field for Business

Today, Minister of Government and Consumer Services Marie-France Lalonde announced Ontario’s intent to introduce legislation this fall that would, if passed, regulate the province’s home inspection industry in order to better protect consumers.

If passed, the proposed changes would:

* Require home inspectors to be licensed with proper qualifications.
* Set minimum standards for contracts, home inspection reports, disclosures, and the performance of home inspections.
* Establish an independent Administrative Authority to administer and enforce the home inspection licensing legislation and associated regulations.

These changes would ensure consumers benefit from quality advice, are protected from surprise costs and aware of safety issues before buying a home. This will also create a level playing field for the home inspection industry, preventing inspectors with little or no training from competing with qualified professionals by offering lower rates.

Protecting Ontario’s consumers is part of the government’s economic plan to build Ontario up and deliver on its number-one priority to grow the economy and create jobs. The four-part plan includes helping more people get and create the jobs of the future by expanding access to high-quality college and university education. The plan is making the largest infrastructure investment in hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and transit in Ontario’s history and is investing in a low-carbon economy driven by innovative, high-growth, export-oriented businesses. The plan is also helping working Ontarians achieve a more secure retirement.

Quick Facts
Home inspectors are one of the only professionals involved in a real estate transaction who are not provincially regulated.
Approximately 65 per cent of resale homes sold annually receive a home inspection.
There are approximately 1,500 home inspectors in Ontario.
The proposed legislation the government intends to introduce was based on 35 recommendations made by a 16-member expert panel which were then supported by both industry and consumers.

Steve Payne

Steve Payne

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3 Comments » for Ontario to introduce law to regulate home inspectors
  1. Questo says:

    The same story repeats itself again, like the college of trades people, ocot,( Ontario collection on trades) but this time with home inspectors.

    The government can’t stop thinking how to set up ways to collect founds from the people. Its a shame how this Ontario province has been turn in to it. Ins-experience politicians love to pass laws, so they called, who are these people? where did they came from? are they really human?. For sure they will create another college of grabs, signs of a falling economy, when manufacture its in the misery avenue.

    A economy based on services, can’t stand for long time, it will evaporated the peoples wallets, which is close, when that happen, they the politicians will blame the economy, off curse, only their creations in first place, but they want blame-less. They should also be liable for their failures, be personally lawsuit in case of bad laws, policy, and money collection colleges, agencies etc, using consumers protection, as an excuse, these apparatus, have no place in society whatsoever.

    It seems the only job ones can do free of liability any kind is politician, where is our equality? its like vinegar for part of the society in large scale, and honey for the one per cent.

    Yeah, building Ontario’s up, really?, mac guilty build Ontario’s forward to this mess, now its upside down apparently, don’t fail for their elusion, its just that an elusion of a healthy economy.

    The present government politicians at Queens Park should be fired. oust it out for incompetence, and be responsible for the waste of founds they have done. Its easy to excepted responsibility when you down pay back out of your wallets. What another mess they will create soon.

  2. Great News! And likely long overdue in the industry. There must be a governing body or some authority having juridstiction. I have heard of these folks taking covers off of electrical panels in homes, making suggestions to homeowners or prospective homeowners regarding electrical installations. One incident which involved the sale of my parents home. It all ended when I pulled out my Masters Licence and threatened to report this individual to the ESA.

    No disrespect to these folks. Home inspection is a good idea and protects the consumer, however there needs to be a governing body, some form of authority to answer to. Perhaps with electrical installations, some form of attachment with the ESA or relationship. Unfortunately currently it seems we have the “Wild West”

  3. Questo says:

    Hey Leonard, the politicians are the wild west infestation, allowing this to happen, they could create the same thing was the trades compulsory people, through the MTCU, but they ignore it, to create another agency to collect money. I agree with you in some issues you exposed, happen to me in my own house in the peel region when I sold it. An home inspector try to open my electrical panel, I did what you done, and stop him, also ask him to live my house.
    Its another apparent avenue for government to create more red tape.
    Some old homes my nee an inspection, but new and few year old homes don’t need, why we have them inspected in first place, looks like a paranoia create by sales man of real state.