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Ontario Sunshine List published: Check out the $100,000+ club at the WSIB

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465 employees of Ontario's WSIB are in the six-figure income club, plus 36 employees of WSIAT.

We all call it the “Sunshine List,” but its real name is Ontario Public Salary Disclosure. The list shows the salary and benefits of all provincial government sector employees and employees of crown agencies who make more than $100,000 a year.

The latest list (salary data for 2014) just been published, a few hours ago, and you can check it out for yourself here. (You’ll want to look under Crown Agencies to check out the WSIB pay packets. Except the links on the page are all DOWN as I write this. That will happen when several hundred thousand government union workers all jam onto the server at the same time, furiously clicking through the lists to see what the people in the surrounding cubicles are making. Hope no one goes postal that they haven’t hit $200,000 yet and buddy across the hall has.)

We will report more on the Sunshine List, when we’ve had a chance to scroll through it. For now, know that there are 465 employees of the WSIB on this year’s list, and 36 members of its sister agency WSIAT.)



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10 Comments » for Ontario Sunshine List published: Check out the $100,000+ club at the WSIB
  1. Sunshine to them and cloudy skies to all those out there that WSIB cut their claim off, many in order for WSIB to reduce their large debt.

    Take note: The sunshine list does not factors in their benefits or pension scheme. The sunshine amounts shown are just a part of these government employees real incomes.

    It’s time to disband this organization and mandate what private insurance have to supply, in order to get in to this this market. There is no doubt they will serve the industry better and treat claimants with dignity.

    Thanks Steve for posting.

  2. Questo says:

    Hey Alec, Great comments, about the W-orst S-uckers I-nsurance B-usiness, in deed they need to be abolished, together with the Liberal government, and all theirs fraudulent creations.

    No more parties, its disgraceful, when they put their parties before the people, their cronies, their elections founders etc,. The real motive isn’t to serve the people, but their primitive masters, so independents politicians may work, and no lobbying any kind.

    With the technology we have today, all laws should be voted by the people, screened, for general benefits, prejudices, pros and cons, and then exposed for the final vote. That could be only for a test and for a short time of years, if works, good, if not revised again until works for all, not just for a few.

    The system of corruption needs to end, its only on the people to decide to feed these crocodiles or got rid of them.

    Also I would like to mention about the founds these crooks pass to the OFL, Ontario Funnel Liberals, got it? Maybe just maybe were this found used for the turn around propaganda to win the last election, which made the liberal win, who knows?

    To may parasites eating on the host, and soon will be no meat, just boons. This Ontario government became a weapon against us, with these so called mandatory bills, rules and regulations, its a direct violation on us all the human beings, on this Province,

    The acceptance from the people should no longer be okay with it, That’s my opinion, people are used as tools just for these puppets pride of nothing, no progress, only misery, and if these crooks aren’t kick out will be much worst.

    Alec, I recommend you to read the book title ”The freedom choice”, its free online on pdf, 128 pages, also others wish to do so, hope you love it.

  3. Questo says:

    Apparently the OCOT and others like ESA/ECRA , TSA etc aren’t crown corporations, on the shun shine list; are private collection agencies disgraceful apparatus for the sole purpose to employee the revolving door crooks. One more reason for these to be dismantle.

    Also the tax benefit advance bullshit should be cut off for every public employee, and put that towards the Provincial debt, there isn’t any reason for these benefits to be there in first place.

    A lot of people are getting paid mere 10 dollars an hour and no more benefits any kind, shame on those who are collecting those benefits knowingly are causing even more debt to the Province.


  4. Sean Keane says:

    Steve I post the following here simply put, your media is probably the only media that will spread the word.
    This may be of topic just a little, wow close to 500 WSIB staff well paid stuffing their bellies while systematically destroying people lives. All day long we can listen to story after story about injured workers shoved a side by this deplorable institution. Companies driven either out of business or underground by their madness. Injured workers forced out in the cold to fend for themselves. Nice to see people like Laura who I have chatted with on twitter keeping up the fight, there are hundreds and hundreds of stories equal or far worse than hers, however there is not one politician that listens.
    The sad reality is what happened in Newfoundland over the Easter weekend. A 59 year old man, beaten and broken by the system, frustrated to no end, watching politicians and public service workers reap the benefits of being a Public servant and enjoying life, living high on the hog. In the meantime saddled by a “crushing” injury he sustained in Ontario, a life crippling experience begging for help. Not simply what for what was due to him by a system supposedly designed to offer financial aid but help in dealing with the devastation of no longer being able to support his family.
    He turned to posting what was taken as a threat on Twitter which ended up in his death. Pushed to the edge of insanity and cornered in a situation many people in this country face when dealing with their respective WCB’s. Did this man deserve to die, could this tragedy been avoided. YES if one politician had listened and acted he may very well be alive today.
    The poor officer who pulled the trigger is certainly not to blame either, if the reports are correct, the threat happened on Friday, this officer went out to investigate two days later, which I believe shows the threat was not considered as serious as the outcome dictated. If he went there alone if that were the case. He probably expected to have a chat with a well known blogger, not to confront a deranged individual. Certainly if the threat was conceived to be highly volatile he would have gone with backup from the RCMP. However what happened is now history, but the sadness is, not only has one man lost his life, an officer now has to live the rest of his life questioning the what if.
    All caused by a system with overwhelming debt, poorly managed and spineless politicians that close their eyes and hope the problem will resolve itself. Was this mans life worth protecting the unfunded liability.
    One can only hope that this RCMP investigation does not simply stop at the actions of both the individual and the officer, it continues on to investigate the motive.

    Sean Keane

  5. Questo says:

    Hi Sean Keane,

    what the news told us was just propaganda as usual.

    They fail to inform the public the reality of this matter, like so many others. The media became an instrument of deception, The info tool of the spin from the so called authorities, politicians and theirs servants.

    This Country its not what we may think it is, it s beyond the point of understanding, and in the level of Provincial its a mess.

    In 2006 I was denied insurance benefits due a auto collation which left me almost paralysed, wasn’t my fault either, and when I mention some names and what need be done in order to clean the system, guess what?

    Apparently someone somewhere didn’t like it. Then soon my house was invaded by coops, all in trump up lies, I was arrested; brought to the local hospital, to be injected with some stuff, to this day no one knows what the f,,, stuff was nor my self. The hospital refuse to disclose to my lawyer. When I refused to be injected, I was hold it down by so many of these crooks, and then injected.

    I pass out and almost died, only by a supernatural miracle I didn’t, I was waking up, believe to be the next day, it was day light, was visited by a ball of bright with light the size of an orange, came trough the window, went over my body from toe to head floating about two feet, and left, something really amazing. The nurses at that location were all perplexed, me too, one of them came in the room and asked me if I had turn the lights on, no, I was in bed, couldn’t almost move. This last maybe for then seconds, the light was floating and really bright.

    Three days later I was out of there no charges and no warrant arrest was ever produced, this may tell you something.

    Apologies all over the place from these crooks, when was asked by my lawyer, what the hell they were doing?

    Apparently they don’t work for the public serve and protect, its deemed guilty first, arrested, or shout out. This Country including the Provinces apparently are in a military style police state, if you never leaved in another country under this conditions you will have hard time to perceive that.

    I suggest you to read the book called the Hell’s kitchen from Dr. Joel Wallach, This as nothing to do with cooking, in this book you will make all the dots in any direction and form. You can apply the public sunshine list, in special the health care, with all these parasitic agencies of dead and destruction.

    The money these suckers are wasting, its enough to make everyone’s healthy, its a crime been perpetrated on us the public just for the money, negligence eats their own products, un believe able.

    Thanks God I found the right people for my insurance problems and health ones too. Hope everyone wakes up and fast, in order to change this insane system of lies a deceit.

  6. Questo says:

    In here in Ontario was and still the same mind set, the crooks are unable to think straight, because there style of social emptiness.

    Please, for those interested in this video, just give a look at it.
    Its all a fraud been done to us the public, from all sides of governments and their diabolic agencies. He said it right, its a crime, anything been forced into the public its a crime, no mater what it is, and named for.

  7. Questo says:

    Apparently the criminals are so busy, doing crimes in all shapes in forms, we the people can’t keep up just watching, never mind doing a thing about it.

    My Question about this issue is: Where are the governments voted by the people? The ones the public trusted, were given to them the highest responsibility to protect and serve the Nation, Provinces, and Municipalities?

    Where is the air force of this country? Why aren’t they doing a thing about this issue? These criminals are spaying us with poisons.
    Why these airplanes unmark it, spying our skies, can bee brought down, and investigated?

    This issue needs to be brought up into Ottawa, Queens Park, and any city level governments, if they found at fault knowing this or participated, meaning allowing this over us, should be fired, immediately, and criminal charges applied to them, found guilty, you know the rest….

    None of this over head spying was ever approved in open matter, if so were in secret, so isn’t democratic, and who is paying for all this, of course you and I trough our tax’s.

    Isn’t interesting we are paying to be sprayed with poisons chemicals?

    Where are these landing? Do you know? yeah on you lawns, homes, cars, roofs, building tops, streets, play grounds, parks, rivers, lakes, construction sites, etc. What are the side effect of this?

    Do you know? Does our government knows?

    I have been watching this criminal action done over our heads for many years, like so many other people, questions about this issue were asked to some political MP’s MPP’s and some city Cons, we were meet with ignorance.

    They may not be allowed to look up, you may know why?

    Now, what will you do about this issue?

    I am doing my part let people know, and investigating, more deeper into it. Thanks to this fellow informing us at least some reality what is going on, on chemical poisons sky trails.

  8. Andrew says:

    Hi , TERROR AT THE WORK PLACE: Best Regards, WSiB/WSIAT, Government of Ontario victim

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