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Ontario Sunshine List published: Check out the $100,000+ club at the WSIB

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465 employees of Ontario's WSIB are in the six-figure income club, plus 36 employees of WSIAT.

We all call it the “Sunshine List,” but its real name is Ontario Public Salary Disclosure. The list shows the salary and benefits of all provincial government sector employees and employees of crown agencies who make more than $100,000 a year.

The latest list (salary data for 2014) just been published, a few hours ago, and you can check it out for yourself here. (You’ll want to look under Crown Agencies to check out the WSIB pay packets. Except the links on the page are all DOWN as I write this. That will happen when several hundred thousand government union workers all jam onto the server at the same time, furiously clicking through the lists to see what the people in the surrounding cubicles are making. Hope no one goes postal that they haven’t hit $200,000 yet and buddy across the hall has.)

We will report more on the Sunshine List, when we’ve had a chance to scroll through it. For now, know that there are 465 employees of the WSIB on this year’s list, and 36 members of its sister agency WSIAT.)



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