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Our Dilemma Contest winner points out Dennis’ leadership opportunity

Michael Janzen of Grunthal, MB wins a DeWalt All-Purpose light

May 7, 2019
By John Bleasby
John Bleasby

In our latest Contractor Dilemma, framing team leader Dennis Sherwood was feeling challenged by Jerry, a young apprentice who thought he knew things better. On top of that, Dennis’ boss felt that the new kid might have ideas worth considering. As a result, Dennis was feeling undermined on two levels, leaving his authority over his crew at risk.

Almost every respondent felt that Jerry had over-stepped by showing a lack of respect for Dennis and proper process. Some felt a reprimand was in order. Several felt a private meeting between the two would clear the air and direct Jerry to show more deference. At the same time, the majority believed that there were benefits to having a young apprentice on the team and some potential value to his suggestions.

However, our panel believed that there was more. In fact, both Jerry and Dennis had something to gain from the situation. This was well summarized by our panel’s choice for the winning proposal. “Happy, productive construction teams are those with good leadership, not bosses keen on exercising their authority,” wrote Michael Janzen of Grunthal, MB. “It is Dennis’ responsibility as the team leader to maintain or improve that production. If he can listen to Jerry’s ideas and use the ones that will help while reminding him to appreciate the system that was in place when he joined, he will be showing true leadership that will not go unnoticed by his boss.”

Congratulations, Michael!
You will receive a DEWALT 20V MAX* Tool Connect™ All-Purpose LED Light,
courtesy of Stanley Black & Decker Canada.



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