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The Canadian Contractor Unimog Update

Canadian Contractor

Contractor Erwin Zimmermann was the proud owner of what is possibly the most capable vehicle on the planet, a Mercedes-built Unimog. A “Mog” is a hybridization between a truck and a tractor – and it’s extremely rare to see one anywhere in Canada, so the authorities confiscated it. you can read the story here first.  He responded to a comment made by a reader asking why it was confiscated. He answers (with some sarcasm) and provides an update to the story.
“August 18th the trial may or may not end. However, as this title asks, what is a UNIMOG® and why was it confiscated ?
Motive, means and opportunity.  This is what I found, from 2008, held in the same court house that I have been in since 2012. I have it ( signed by the court) and entered (Friday the 13th).
They know and knew it was a “road building machine” the whole time and preceding the original day they laid the 10 charges. Want to read it ? Its 13 pages.




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