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Dilemma Winner! Parking the clients’ enthusiasm at the curb makes good business sense

Canadian Contractor

Our panel has selected the winner of our latest Dilemma Contest. Congratulations to Jax Bailey of Prince George, B.C.

Here was the situation:
Jeremy Pudney’s young clients, the Howards, are keen to pitch in and help on their 1920’s renovation, however it’s now at the point where they’re causing problems and delays for the professionals on site. How does Pudney curb their enthusiasm in a way the Howard’s will understand?

Every proposal spoke to the need for better communication, which should have started in the early stages. However even now, explaining the cost of delays would perhaps be something the young couple would understand.

However, Jax Bailey of Prince George, B.C. hit several additional nails on the head. Jax correctly pointed out that, “Pudney’s business license and WCB are at risk,” Jax pointed out. Furthermore, “the clients also may not be building to code.” He also had concerns about the use of correct protective equipment, cleaning up or repairing inadvertent damage after the couple had worked over the weekends, and of course getting out of sync with the correct order of construction.  Aside from the risks, is this really saving the Howard’s money in the long run? Bottom line; “The Howards need to understand that they have hired professionals who are knowledgeable and skilled in their trades.”


Congratulations, Jax. You will receive both a DeWalt® 20V MAX* 1/2″ Mid-Range Impact Wrench for high-powered use in compact and high-torque applications, and a DeWalt® 20V MAX*Jobsite Fan.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal. They were well conceived, well, written and full of great ideas. Sadly, there can only be one winner.

Please stay tuned! A new Contractor Dilemma Contest will be announced shortly!


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