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Paul Bremer is a great renovator, and this is why I know

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Referrals are like gold to any renovator, but this Christmas present trumps gold

We work hard, spend money and stay up late coming up with way to find new clients, build a good reputation and ensure ensure quality references… and then pure gold that you couldn’t dream to find in 1,000 years drops in your lap.

Renovator Paul Bremer can count himself very lucky that he can claim the following poem as a gift from the daughter of one of his clients. Sylvia Exley left him this poem as a thank you from the family during the Christmas holiday.

Paul and Sylvia have allowed us to publish the poem on the condition we make it clear that, as Paul is a nondrinker, the idea of him being found, “clutching a beer” is entirely the product of Sylvia’s poetic license.

To Paul:


‘Twas the night before Christmas when we entered our house

And heard something stirring…that wasn’t a mouse!

The paint cans were still all over the floor

And the smell of wet paint lingered round the front door.


Then up on the rooftop there arose such a clatter

It was Paul! Still here, up on a stepladder!

What then to wondering eyes did appear?

But him standing there, clutching a beer.


“Cheers!” said he, like a jolly old elf.

It seemed that Paul was not quite himself

By his side stood Santa, with lunchbox and saw

He was helping with renovation

Down dropped my jaw!


Just right then I heard the stomp of a hoof

It seemed the reindeer had grown impatient,

Waiting on top of the roof.


But Paul and Santa were in no great hurry

To go outside in the cold and the flurries


Paul said, “Merry Christmas! I’m just having a break

But I hawe many more renovations to make

There’s a floor to be sanded

And molding to crown

And then there’s the chimney to clean

For Santa to get down.


I know, ‘tis true, I must confess

That all of this work leaves quite a mess

But I always clean up because that is just right…

So I’ll be working upstairs for the rest of the night!!”


Sylvia Exley



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