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Pennsylvania woman accused of contractor fraud

Canadian Contractor

Contractor has a long history of bilking customers

York County (Pennsylvania) police recently filed multiple charges against Kristin Alexandra Riedle, 38, who is either the partner, co-owner or employee of Tom Thomas, who was jailed late last year.

Thomas, of Stars and Stripes Building, had previously been charged with corrupt organization, fraud and other charges for scamming over $800,000 from around 100 people. At that time, he was going by the name Lowell Thomas. He struck a plea deal in August 2018 for 20 years probation, and was forbidden to work as a contractor during this time, hence his winding up in jail.

One of his customers cited multiple issues, such as he didn’t have the necessary equipment for the project and asked the customers to provide the equipment. Thomas insisted on wiring the building, but a licensed electrician the customers hired to inspect the work told them it was done incorrectly and not up to code.

Things went downhill from there.


Riedle, who may in fact be Thomas’ boss (the record is unclear) was charged with corrupt organization, theft and conspiracy, among other charges.


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