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Trudeau delivers 2018’s “Construction Quote of the Year”

Canadian Contractor

"There are gender impacts when you bring construction workers into a rural area."

The setting was sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina. The event was the recent G20 meeting of world leaders. The audience was a friendly forum of women.
The quote from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, however, resonated northward and across Canada, as he mused on the potential for social imbalance when males construction workers enter a rural area. But he said more than that..

Here’s exactly what Trudeau said, just as he said it, unedited or corrected for grammar…

“So, there’s all sorts of shifts we’re making because we know that you cannot succeed as a society if you are holding back half of your population. And looking at all the different barriers and moving forward on reducing them, on eliminating them as well as, as a government body, looking at how every different decision can have an impact on women in a positive or a negative way. Even big infrastructure projects, you know, might now say, well, what does a gender lens have to do with building this new highway or this new pipeline or something? Well, you know, there are gender impacts when you bring construction workers into a rural area. There are social impacts because they’re mostly male construction workers. How are you adjusting and adapting to those? That’s what the gender lens in GBA-plus budgeting is all about. These are all things that we’ve been doing, not to be nice or to be better or to be moral, but to be smart about getting the very best out of all of our citizens and making the very best out of our economy, because women entrepreneurs tend to make better choices than others — we’ve seen it study after study. So, this is all something that I see the world moving on in many ways. Leaders are moving on. But the business community needs to wake up and move on as well….”

And to prove his point that more women are needed in construction, we include a video of the Prime Minister taking 37 whacks with a hammer in his attempt to sink one nail…


Does it matter what politicians do or say that impacts the Canadian construction industry? We think so, but you decide!
However, we’ll always offer you the opportunity to have your say. Use our comment section below. (Please be civil!)


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2 Comments » for Trudeau delivers 2018’s “Construction Quote of the Year”
  1. Jim says:

    Would rather have any leader than this idiot. Women, no problem. He is a b rated drama actor and should understand that People’s worst suspicions of him have now been realized.

  2. Don Hrehirchek says:

    Women and job sites. Women can work if they qualify. I do not have ant grievance about this . But another point or two. What does nature teach one and another and I do not need another law telling Me what I can or can not do!

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