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January 26, 2013
By Robert Koci
Robert Koci

Do you have an opinion? Sure looks like it by the number of comments we get every week on our posts. For those of you who don’t have time to write a long missive on the state of the cash economy or what Mike Holmes is really like, we’ve introduced a quick poll on the home page of this website. take a look on the right side of the page and you’ll see it. We won’t change the world with our questions, but it’s fun and distracting. Go ahead and let us know what you think.

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3 Comments » for Polling all contractors
  1. I have nothing but disdain for what mr Holmes does and keeps doing to the qualified legitimate contractors in the biz .
    Glorifying his abilities to expose inferior workmanship , and never really exposing the reasons these unknowing “victims” as he depicts them , got involved with these bad contractors iun the fierst place
    WHAT was the root cause ? why does he not embellish in the victims role in the building fiasco.?
    People dont realize that the biggest culprit in the underground economy are each and every victim he exploits on the tv screen !
    Lets face it ….If Mike REALLY wanted to tell it like it really is ? he’d explain .
    This seemingly unsuspecting victim was somewhat in cahoots with the illegitimately shady operating contractor . How so ? Do you ever once hear him ?them mention a building permit having been issued for these projects ? PLEASE …don’t tell me the customer had no knowledge of the need for such , in this day and age of information and awareness ?
    And most importantly ….PLEASE don’t tell me that i all likelihood these customers weren’t trying to skirt the applicable taxes an otherwise legitimate contractor have to pay by working under the table so to speak . I mean come on …….what building official is going to allow the mandatory modes of work to go on to the advanced stages of completion that Mr Holmes brings to light !! IMPOSSIBLE in any case i have ever encountered ! I’m seeing it myself ALL the time . Customers call me mike Holmes …and i truly do NOT appreciate the moniker!! These customer that are made out to be victims are in most cases aiding and abetting in tax evasion and evading applicable building laws in hopes of saving his/her sacred monies !

  2. Andre Skanes says:

    Amen to that…

  3. Leah Morrell says:

    After 32 years in the HVAC business I have to comment the “underground” contractors don’t have a target on their back like legitimate, qualified certified and insured contractors. Every year in business either the government/insurance companies/TSSA/WSIB etc. keep adding rings on the target until the point you can’t take another day of it, some snap, some die and some if they have anything left may retire! Mike Holmes does a lot of whining about BAD contractors which is very easy to do when you’re getting paid big bucks to do it. All of his whining doesn’t seem to be setting things right, maybe if all the money that legit contractors have to pay out was cut back, maybe we would also be more affordable for decent consumers who may know the difference between good and bad. It’s a good thing to make a decent living but every day seems like we go to work to support more civil servants and agencies the gov’t has allowed to set up shop such as the Ontario College of Trades, TSSA (not for profit organization) Where does it stop?

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