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Pomerleau named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers

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For the first time, Pomerleau has been selected by Canada’s Top 100 Employer sas one of the best employers in the country. This recognition rewards Canadian companies offering exceptional workplaces for their employees.

“Receiving this distinction is a real honour for us,” emphasized Francis Pomerleau –Chief executive, Talent, Culture and Leadership. “If we are among the best employers in the country, it is because we have always remained true to our culture and our values of authenticity, excellence, adaptability, innovation and above all, love. The period we are going through is proof of this.”

The importance that Pomerleau places on employee health, skills development, social activities and community participation notably motivated the selection committee’s decision.

At Pomerleau, love is an essential service

Among other things, the committee recognized Pomerleau’s long-term commitment to its employees. From in-company training to career planning services for experienced employees, to paid internships for recent graduates, Pomerleau believes that every employee deserves the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Since employee well-being is at the heart of its priorities, Pomerleau transformed its Pomerleau Challenge into a virtual one; more than 400 employees participated, recording a total of more than 200 activities per day. In recognition of their participation, Pomerleau donated $625,000to 14 charities working in health care, health research and food support for vulnerable populations affected by COVID-19, reinforcing even more its unique corporate culture. A medical teleconsultation service has also been deployed for employees and their families, so that they have safe access to the advice of doctors and nurses.

“We have every reason to be proud of the working conditions we offer our employees, but ultimately, it is our employees who make Pomerleau a leading employer,”said Isabel Pouliot, Vice-President -Human Capital.“They are the ones who bring Pomerleau’s values to life in exceptional ways.”


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