Canadian Contractor

Alec Caldwell   

Are the Property Brothers above the law when it comes to safety?

Canadian Contractor

Or maybe it's just a question of Photoshop?

Once, Mike Holmes was (by far) the worst TV contractor when it came to violating safety rules. But looking at this photo (left), maybe the Property Guys have taken over.

Where is their fall safety equipment?

Come on guys, fancy dress shoes on a roof top and not a stitch of fall arrest gear?

OK, so maybe this pic was photoshopped. Still, these guys are sending the wrong message.


Maybe famous people get away with flaunting safety laws but the small guys get hounded, fined and prosecuted.

Laws for the famous and laws for the rest of us

Most of us have seen this famous photo (right) from the 1920s of ironworkers apparently having their lunch break in New York City. 

It was intended to look like a natural break during the construction of the RCA Building. Yet it was a publicity stunt. But it was NOT photoshopped! Those workers were really up there.

Yes, during the Depression, men were willing to pose 840 feet up in the air on a steel beam!

But maybe it’s time we all thought about the number of people that die or are crippled every year from falls on construction sites. Property Brothers, smarten up!

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