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Would you put a pro-Trump bumper sticker on your work truck?

Canadian Contractor

This contractor did, and now it's in the news - well, on a tiny scale

Here’s a story from yesterday’s Toronto Sun, about an American renovation contractor with a pro-Trump bumper sticker. And the hand-wringing it set in motion from one particular customer…

By the way, this is from the U.S.-based Ask Amy column, syndicated throughout North America, including in Postmedia-owned Canadian media. We doubt there are many pro-Trump bumper stickers in Canada.

But would you stick a really political statement on YOUR work truck?

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3 Comments » for Would you put a pro-Trump bumper sticker on your work truck?
  1. Paul Bremner says:

    I once changed the lettering on the tailgate of my
    Titan to Tits. Made for lots of fun in the drive-throughs. People taking pictures and laughing. Not very PC, I know but I couldn’t resist.

  2. Mark Mitchell says:

    Yes, I did! I had a Trump 2017 bumper sticker on my work van for a year before the election. I bought a few at a gas station in Florida in 2016. I work in the Barrie area, and had way more positive reaction to it, than negative. I do mostly ICI work, but seriously, if a customer told me they found my political opinion offensive, I would just pack up and leave. Being self-employed does have its benefits!

    • Avatar photo Steve Payne says:

      Hi Mark:
      Barrie is pretty conservative, huh? I remember that it was the ONLY riding in Ontario to elect a Reform Party MP, back in the day before they were subsumed into the PC’s. When they REALLY were the most right wing mainstream party in the country. So I’m not surprised your TRUMP sticker went over OK in that market. I want to hear from the contractor in the Beaches area in Toronto who dares to do business with a TRUMP sticker on their vehicle! Thanks for your frequent comments, Mark. Always enjoyable and fearless!

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