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Quebec TV commercials warn public about under-the-table contractors

Canadian Contractor

Quebec's construction commission, the RBC, warns the public, "No license, no invoice, no legal redress."

“No license, no invoice, no legal redress!”
Quebec’s residential construction authority, the RBQ, (Régie du bâtiment du Québec) has recently launched an advertising
campaign which aims to encourage consumers to hire a licensed contractor, and to demand invoices for their projects, rather than hire under-the-table operators.

The campaign has three objectives: promoting the quality of professional construction, let people know what protection they benefit from when the contractor has a license (bond) and fight against undeclared work and tax evasion in the ​​home improvement field. Two television commercials – made in a humorous tone – are being released and will run until October 26th, on major French TV networks and specialized networks. Banners and advertisements have also been posted in various websites. You can see the commercials and get more information at The information is not available in English.


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  1. Interesting commercials! They have really increased the fine amounts to those not practicing the religion…you want to be playing by the rules or working deeper in the woods…ALTHOUGH it is tough for them to catch you as they do not really have any active inspectors (or none that I am aware of or seen)

    We carry the full license so not a bother to us anyways…

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