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Reader's Post of the Week: "Take your 'college' and shove it!"

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Derek James Dilabbio has been a carpenter for 25 years, he says. He describes the Ontario College of Trades as "blatant ransom."

Our “Reader’s Post of the Week” goes to Derek Dilabbio, who put the following post under Steve Maxwell’s article entitled Why Government Spreads. Maxwell mentioned the Ontario College of Trades.

Derek Dilabbio, a carpenter, then posted under Maxwell’s column, copying us on the following “memo” that he says he just emailed to this new provincial government created regulatory body, whose first step is to send $130 invoices to tens of thousands of tradespeople in the province. (Editor’s note: Carpenters like Derek Dilabbio  aren’t yet required to join the Ontario College of Trades. In our industry the following trades must join the College and pay its fees: electricians, plumbers, sheet metal workers and certain categories of HVAC mechanics. However, many observers believe that it will be only a matter of time before the College expands to include all licensed trades, including carpenters.)

Subject: Ignoring your “ransom” demands

To whichever thief it may concern.


As a “Certified General Carpenter” for well over 25 years, I hereby notify [your] fiasco of a “College” that I will not pay any of the blatant ransoms you depict as “fees” to your illegal organization that is neither ”industry led”, industry-backed, nor industry / socially beneficial to any Canadian.

I am a craftsman who will always be a Certified General Carpenter and there are no threats your “cheap” organization can make, nor any “lawful” actions you could attempt, to stop myself and fellow tradespeople, from continuing our crafts and presenting ourselves as who we are: Certified!

Point blank, take your “college” and shove it!

With utmost disrespect.

Derek James Dilabbio


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