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Remember when tool companies would treat contractors royally? Well, a few still do…

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Square Deal, a distributor of IRWIN Tools, recently took a trailer loaded with IRWIN product to a number of lumberyards in Southern Ontario, holding barbecues for contractors, offering deep discounts and giving out prizes. Why don't we see more of this type of event?

As tool manufacturers across North America have been hit by the housing crisis south of the border, and as the economy stagnated in recent years, they seem to be doing less for contractors than they used to.

Barbecues, contractor-appreciation events, freebies, special discounts… they still occur. But in this writer’s opinion, they could be doing more for hard-working contractors.Kudos to IRWIN tool for launching “National Tradesman’s Day,” a couple weeks ago, across Canada.One enterprising Ontario distributor of IRWIN Tools (and other products and brands), Square Deal, decided to take a trailer loaded with IRWIN Tools to a number of lumberyards in Southern Ontario.They held barbecues for contractors, gave away tee-shirts and prizes, and offered a staggering 50 per cent of IRWIN products on the day.It’s nice to see that manufacturers and distributors still realize that contractors are the most important channel to sell their wares into the home improvement market.Thanks to the fine lumberyard operators at TIM-BR Mart in Lakefield, ON; Emard Lumber in Cornwall, ON; Weismuller TIM-BR Mart in Bala, ON; Picton Home Hardware Building Centre; and Gilmer’s Home Building Centre in Port Hope, ON, for treating contractors right by co-hosting these events.


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2 Comments » for Remember when tool companies would treat contractors royally? Well, a few still do…
  1. JOSE ARMAS says:

    If you make a quality product the road show with special discount incentives is a great way to get your tools to the job site and viewed by many…I am sure Irwin is feeling the pressure from the big red and the yellow companies that are aggressively buying shelf space for their hand tools… the end of the day quality matters to the contractor and the colour of the tool has no bearing but being able to get a price break on tools will keep us loyal to a brand….as long as the quality remains the same….

  2. Thanks Steve for this useful information. I’ll get it out to our membership. Cheers Alec @CARAHS

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