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Report hammers Ontario’s WSIB for endangering workers’ health to help its bottom line

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Similar claims have been made for years - all vigorously denied by WSIB

Claims that Ontario’s WSIB has cut benefits to injured workers to improve its bottom line have been repeatedly denied by the government agency.

A story in the Toronto Star (here) on Wednesday outlines a new study, based freedom of information requests to the WSIB, that alleges “a significant cut in prescription drug benefits that affects thousands of injured workers per year” since the WSIB began a cost-cutting drive in 2010.

The report is called “Bad Medicine: a report on the WSIB’s transformation of its health care spending.” It was compiled by a group called the Industrial Accident Victims Group of Ontario (IAVGO) and Antony Singleton, a Danforth Avenue, Toronto lawyer who markets himself as a WSIB “fight for your rights” specialist.

About 18 months ago, our columnist Alec Caldwell wrote several articles about the WSIB’s “claims denial binge” that were refuted by a letter to Canadian Contractor by WSIB’s chief operating officer John Slinger. Read those posts here.






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2 Comments » for Report hammers Ontario’s WSIB for endangering workers’ health to help its bottom line
  1. Matt Girard says:

    Its a monopoly I have my own private disability coverage thank god I have never had to make a claim for myself or my 10 employees, I am a small business owner and its flat out expensive why cant we go to the private side for coverage? oh that’s right how would our crooked government benefit from that ? it Makes me sick and hinders growth for my business amongst a ton of other things that are mandated to us. Ill stop typing now as my rant would start to be unprofessional and upsetting to some,I will close in saying keep keeping your head down ontarians and keep paying,paying, and then pay some more.

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