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RESCON issues guidance document for vaccination in Ontario

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The Residential Construction Council of Ontario (RESCON) has updated a guidance sheet on its website that provides builders and workers with information on where they can register and get vaccinated against COVID-19.

“The Omicron variant of the virus is highly transmissible and the risk of contracting it is much higher,” says RESCON VP Andrew Pariser, who is on the organization’s health and safety committee. “However, studies have found that with a booster dose, workers are better protected and less likely to be hospitalized.”

The vaccine guidance sheet is updated regularly by Ahd AlAshry, policy and programs analyst at RESCON. It provides RESCON members, the construction industry, workers and the public with critical information, so that they are able to quickly register and get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The sheet includes links to all the different registration systems by region across the Greater Toronto Area, as each area has different vaccine requirements and systems. The document makes the information available in one place, and highlights the various schedules, locations and registration links for hospital clinics, school clinics, pharmacies, pop-ups, and GO VAXX buses.


The guidance sheet is one item in a COVID-19 information section on the RESCON website that has details on rapid testing resources and documents, news and updates, a vaccine policy template, information on health and safety best practices and downloadable flyers and posters.

RESCON is urging all construction industry workers to get vaccinated and receive booster shots. A healthy residential construction industry is critical to any successful economic recovery, as the housing industry share of GDP has soared to a record high of 9.3 per cent, which is double the historical norm.

“The health and safety of workers in the construction industry has always been the number one concern of RESCON,” says RESCON president Richard Lyall. “Due to the elevated number of people getting infected, it is critical that we not let our guard down against this virus. The key to keeping our industry healthy is vaccinations. The guidance sheet provides builders and workers the information they need to get vaccinated and ensure they are protected from the virus.”

RESCON has held four webinars to educate members about regulations, best practices and public health measures related to COVID-19 and will be hosting another on Jan. 13 that will feature Chief Prevention Officer Dr. Joel Moody, Michael Sherrard who is founding partner of Sherrard Kuzz, and MLTSD provincial construction lead Brian Barron. To watch and listen to past webinars on the issue, click here.


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  1. Joe says:

    Under Canadians federal laws any kind of vaccinations isn’t mandatory. And your company is eluding construction workers to get a so called vaccine. This isn’t a vaccine is a Trojan horse label as vaccine.

    In Canada everyone down plays this game eluding people to get this none approved shot ( this poison still under trials) and killing people and leaving millions worldwide damage for life.

    Will face the nuremberg trials. I suggest you read the federal bill s 201 and criminal code sect 265,. All of you promoting and eluding for these holocaust, will be persecuted.

    Just the fact Trudeau , Ford and all other fools including most health so called experts, are in violation of many Canadians laws, By eluding a lot of Canadians to get this diabolic shot. In special children. Ask your selves, what is in these vials?

    Further more, you are in direct violation of the Ontario health and safety act. By promoting a product you have no knowledge what is in it. Keep getting brain washed by crook politicians pleading for you to get this insane poison,.

    I suggest you stop all promotions related to this so called vaccine. its a Trojan horse of dead.

    If you cant see it for what it is you are already lost.

    In my view and according to real health experts world wide , not those sold their souls for money,. A large dead of vax people is approaching , more then already happening. Further deep in it a lot of these will find them selves with no insurance pay outs in after dead , ( in case they have life insurance) ( their families will have to put the bill) bc they forfit their insurance contracts. In France already happing . Also most people which get this suicide shot and end up totally disable and may look for insurance innuities, good luck , deny deny deny. Its coming folks, go after politicians, sue them,. some pass a legislature bill to be totally immune from any lawsuits.

    keep promoting these deadly shoots, you are direct liable for all damages .
    Stop play games with people lives

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