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Cash deal roofers: Homeowners may be considered constructors

The Ontario Ministry of Labour is launching a public awareness campaign warning homeowners about the legal risks of hiring cash-deal roofers

March 22, 2016
By Alec Caldwell

Edited Geneva worldradio handle_3The Ontario Ministry of Labour is launching a digital and radio awareness campaign aimed at homeowners. They are sending a direct message to homeowners about the risks posed by hiring residential roofing contractors who operate “under the table” in cash deals.

Their message will tell homeowners they may be considered “constructors” and subject to obligations under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) especially if they hire multiple contractors to work at the same time. Furthermore, if the dwelling these contractors are working on is a rental property (residence) this property can now be considered a commercial one – and the homeowner will be considered as an employer under the Act.

The new Working at Heights Standard for everyone is being taken very serious by the Ontario Ministry of Labour and this awareness campaign shows their resolve. The deadline date for those in transition from the old training to the new Working at Heights training loom close.  Ontario Ministry of Labour info.

If you have questions on any safety issues or concerns, simply contact us Toll free at 1 866 366 2930.


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CARAHS  is an approved Ontario Ministry of Labour Working at Heights Provider # Pro- 34609

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3 Comments » for Cash deal roofers: Homeowners may be considered constructors
  1. Steven Eisner says:

    What the Ministry of Labour lack is number of inspectors especially on Saturday and Sundays when this work takes place. Residential construction is a joke! I live in a neighborhood where roofing and most scaffold work is carried out on weekends.

  2. Mike says:

    To the cash deal roofers, watch out, oops: The next thing the Ministry of Labour may do is: send sniff dogs after you, to sniff how much cash had you made on the roofs of private homes. That’s only in a mediocracy system as ours, that can happen.

    It looks like working for cash these days its a crime, cense when? The reason the Ministry of Labour, or their tools of propaganda may warning people about roofers is, a show of panic, for not getting all these job sites under their radar. Most of homes roofs renovation jobs are done on the week end, as long its done safe its fine.

    Every trades people contractor, should start operate under the table in cash deals, the more the better, just make sure safety is all-ways first.

    The cost of leaving in this Province became unbearable, horrible, cash its the way, to survive. The mediocracy of the Ontario Government create this problem. Hope will turn into thousands of trades people doing as many jobs as possible on the week end, also in holydays, night time too, and discharge all the tax collection agencies, or just ignore them all at once. Who the hell can pay for all these crooks, all the agencies which do nothing, produce nothing, and are just like wizells.

    Note, residences are single homes, not classified as commercial, even if is in a lease or rental, commercial residence are under different title, like apartments, in rental, hotels, motels, etc.

  3. Paul Varik says:

    When dealing with home owners that can’t write off the work in there home done by a qualified insured Contractor…is the problem…Most of the time they pay cash ….They don’t like paying the 13% hst

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