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Rosenort Co-operative joins the Sexton Group

July 24, 2020
By Sexton Group

Eric Palmer, Vice President and General Manager, is pleased to announce that Rosenort Co-operative Ltd has joined the Sexton Group. Located in Rosenort, Manitoba, Rosenort Co-operative Ltd offers a wide range of building materialst o make any project a success.

Rosenort Co-operative Ltd’s customer base includes a healthy mix of agriculture and industry. Their product assortment includes building materials, hardware, farm supply, and a selection of premium sport and leisure brands. They proudly servet heir community and customers, and they are known for their fast and efficient service.

“We joined Sexton Group because we feel it will give us greater buying power with a broader scope of vendors and manufacturers as well as better access to the quality products that our members are looking for. We are very excited to be a part of Sexton!”–Joe Rempel

“I appreciate the choice that Rosenort Co-operative has made to join the Sexton Group, and we look forward to growing together in the coming years.” –Eric Palmer


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