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The Rule of 3: An important method to improve your productivity

September 9, 2016
By Steve Payne

Our next issue (November/December) will feature an article called The Rule of 3. We will be looking at the well-known productivity technique of focusing on three vital tasks, every day, that MUST be done, no matter what.

If you would like to post (scroll down for Comments field)  3 vital tasks you do every day, we will enter your name in a draw for an amazing Festool HCK55EB Cordless Portable Circular Saw, with track. Canadian retail value approx. $900.


  1. “I return all calls, every day, within 2 hours.”
  2. “I leave home in the morning with a clear checklist of my day’s major tasks.”
  3. “I schedule at least 30 minutes a day strictly for follow-up on FUTURE potential jobs.”

Below is the superb Festool saw that we have test-driven and thoroughly love. So do the many CANADIAN CONTRACTOR winners of this tool from our similar contests earlier in the year…






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9 Comments » for The Rule of 3: An important method to improve your productivity
  1. John Meloche says:

    Stop – be attentive

    Look with all of one’s senses – a blind person can often see more clearly than one having sight

    Listen to all noise, silence and movements with all of one’s senses – a deaf man can often listen more clearly than one having hearing.

    • Steve Payne says:

      Thanks John. We will enter your name in the draw for the Festool cordless carpenter’s saw. Namaste! (Is that how it’s spelled?)

  2. Thank a client for their business..!
    Reply to all emails from the day….and sometimes there can be over 85 in a single day.
    Review all receipts from the day for the current project we are working on.

  3. Each day you either are 1- ‘Building’ (marketing, calling, following up) or 2-‘Managing’ (doing your site visits, scheduling, paper work), to avoid this one #3-‘Blaming’ (making excuses why you were not doing 1 & 2).

  4. Ming Wang says:

    Get to work
    Get the job done
    Get paid

  5. Brian Chadwick says:

    1. start your day early with a glass of water
    2. do enough exercise to work up a sweat every day.
    3. remain positive and thankful, always.

  6. Jesse Burkett says:

    Rule of 3
    1. Make sure all tools and supplies are ready to go before leaving
    2. Check voicemail and return all messages
    3. Do an hour of billing and estimating at the end of day

  7. Each one of these has a dozen subcategories but here’s what works for me!

    1. Leave before traffic with a clear vision for the day (someone will try to change it but only you can decide)
    2. Onsite meetings with crew chiefs and client updates, try to visit each job (put out bad fires, stoke the good ones and keep the wheels turning)
    3. Reach out to new leads (scrutinized and prioritized by existing clients, referrals and in-house leads)

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