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Saint-Gobain launches its 2022 North American donation program

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Saint-Gobain North America recently announced the official launch of its 2022 Sustaining Futures, Raising Communities program. As part of the program, the company has committed to donating $250,000 of its building-materials solutions later this year to transform educational spaces in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Georgia after a public vote on social media. Sustaining Futures, Raising Communities is an annual initiative that is designed to enhance spaces and buildings to make the “world a better home” for the company’s colleagues, customers and communities worldwide. This year the program focuses on partnering with schools – specifically public, vocational, technical and charter high schools – to create or transform educational spaces to enrich learning opportunities and build healthier, vibrant and more sustainable educational environments. Schools in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Georgia are eligible to qualify for the program. Candidates must first submit an application online from June 1 through July 31, 2022, and must be located in one of the counties listed on the program’s website. Lastly, from Sept. 7 through 30, the public will vote on a school in each location to receive a donation that will improve the school’s building, educational spaces and programs.

“At Saint-Gobain, we have a shared ambition for the wellbeing of everyone and a purpose to make the world a better home,” said Mark Rayfield, CEO of Saint-Gobain North America and CertainTeed. “The Sustaining Futures, Raising Communities program gives us the opportunity to share our purpose with communities where our colleagues work and live – and this year we are most excited to give students the opportunity to have more resourceful, comfortable, and eco-friendly spaces that will enable more innovation, creativity and learning in the classroom.”


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