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Salary Survey result: 51% of contractors under $250,000 billings now have websites

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The more money contractors are billing, the more likely they are to have websites. Or is that the other way around?

Well, hell has frozen over. For years, a majority of contractors held out without websites, but contractors without websites now appear to be a minority. At least, the contracors responding to Canadian Contractor‘s recent Rogers by Outrank Salary Survey told us so.

The chart below won’t come as a big surprise: The contractors in our recent Rogers by Outrank Salary Survey who have websites are more likely to be seeing significant incomes versus the ones who are still off-line. And as we can see below, the trend is accelerating. At the “more than $500k” level, 81% of contractors had websites, up from 79% in last year’s survey, up from 42% two years ago. Things have certainly changed a lot in two years. If your contracting business still lacks a website, given these findings, it’s probably time to take action and get online.

Total billings less than $250k.

% of contractors with websites.


2011    13%

2012    47%

2013    51%


$250k-$500k billings.

% of contractors with websites

2011    5%

2012    67%

2013    68%


Billings more than $500k

% of contractors with websites

2011    42%

2012    79%

2013    81%


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