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There simply isn’t the pool of prospective employees out there (in this region of BC)

Canadian Contractor

Barry in BC says finding skilled workers to expand his business in his area of BC, has got a lot tougher recently

Here is another post on the “next generation of skilled trades” issue, from Barry in BC…

“Two years ago when I posted an ad for staff I would get anywhere between 20-30 responses within a couple of days. Fast forward to this year and 2016 … now we typically get a mere handful. I got 3 responses to the last ad and we are paying better than most, providing full benefist, vehicle, etc. There simply isn’t the pool of prospective employees out there. One of those three is from the UK and is trying to get a visa but without success so far. The other two are local and I’ve hired one of them and may well hire the other one if given the option … but he has several employers to choose from.

Historically this region of BC relied heavily on foreign workers on 1 or 2 year visas to fill positions in the nearby ski resort. Now that those visas are far harder to come by and regulations for hiring foreign workers are tougher for the resort employers they are offering more perks and money than before which is further reducing the pool to pick from. Right now I am forced to slow growth and in some occasions say no or defer work because we simply don’t have the resources to continue to grow. On a positive side it makes it easier to say no to the projects we really wouldn’t want anyway 😉

Also related is that the cost of property is so high now that the few rental places that are available are beyond the reach of many and landlords can be so picky. One of my new staff is going to stay with me simply because he could not find anywhere else to live.”



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