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Contractor-themed Christmas gifts for your employees or subs

Tool-shaped chocolates, customized carpenter pencils, a Justin-scented candle? Why not?

December 5, 2016
By John Bleasby

There are a number of ways to show appreciation for a job well done at Christmas time. Perhaps a cash bonus, maybe a turkey, or even a donation to a charity of the employee’s choice. All good ideas. Add a few more to the list, with these special selections from Canadian Contractor.

coffee-mugA morning cup of java is the start of a new house!
This 11 oz. ceramic mug features a print process designed for long-lasting durability, even through many dishwasher cycles. And for a cup of soup at lunch later, it’s microwave safe too. The text is on both the front and back, so there’s no mistaking your message: “Fuel me with caffeine, and watch a house go up!”

CDN$ 18.25 (ships from USA)
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Who took my pencil?
personalised-pencilsA carpenter’s pencil is a cherished belonging. Thick, strong and easy to sharpen with a box cutter or knife, no wood worker should be on site without one. But somewhere there is a black hole that sucks these beauties away! It’s time to get proactive and customize those darn things. You get up 32 characters (all caps) with which you can emblazon these hard-wearing carpenter pencils with a company name or individual name.


CDN $17.90 for a set of six (ships from USA)
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The sweet smell of…..Justin?

justin-trudeau-scented-candleHave a employee who regales the crew with Canadian political chatter during every break? Maybe what they need is a Justin Trudeau-scented candle in their home. Each candle base has a photo of Canada’s heart throb, and for a limited time comes with a temporary tattoo of the tender-faced man himself.

The candle’s scent reeks of entitlement benefiting a trust-fund baby, a ‘provocative blend’ with hints of chai, maple, burning money (other people’s), and hemp, and promises to transform that annoying lunchtime political pundit into a suave, self-absorbed, poster-child for world peace at your expense, with an instinct to take selfies.

Approximately US $30 (ships from USA… where else?)
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Talking of smells; Is that sawdust or something else?
No, it’s sawdust, and you should wear it proudly, on your chest! These soft-spun cotton T-shirts come in various sizes to suit the slimmest to the hunkiest of men at work.

CDN $ 19.15 (ships from USA)
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The lunch box never looked yummier!
What could make the staff back at the home office or the guys on the site happier than this cookie and chocolate toolbox that opens as a gift basket? Filled with an assortment of 30 delicious chewy assorted cookies: double chocolate, chocolate chip, peanut butter, M and M’s, white chocolate and cinnamon, 4 decadent chocolate covered Oreos with an assortment of construction themed sugar tools and five 12 ounce milk chocolate construction tools. The re-usable red plastic toolbox measures 12-1/2″ x 5-1/2″ x 5″ when closed and 12 -1/2″ x 5 1/2″ x 13 -1/2″ when open.

US $69.99 (ships from USA)
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Wine not make it a celebration!
Include a bottle of something and your valued employee has a complete celebration kit! Each carpenter wine bottle caddy is designed by an American artist and then meticulously hand welded from recycled steel and copper by dedicated European craftsmen. The result is a truly unique piece of art.

US $84.30 (ships from USA)
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