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Slugging it out to get things done – Tania-Joy Bartlett, New Beginnings Contracting Services

March 2, 2021
By James Wilson, Construction Manager
I have a very special nominee I’d like to talk about, my boss. Let me give you a little background. She is a master electrician, heavy machine operator, and truck driver. She has opened her business three years ago as an all in one contracting service. She promotes women in the construction industry an will help to get women kick started in construction. To see her you would never imagine she was in construction but during the day, she is right along beside the rest of the crew slugging it out to get things done. I would like to nominate Tania-Joy Bartlett, owner of New Beginnings Contracting Services, Dunsford, Ont. Best place I’ve ever had the privilege to work for and I really think she deserves this nomination and hope she is chosen so everyone can see the good this woman brings each and every day.

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