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The Ministry of Transportation can derail your day with a fine. And they can even derail your livelihood if they impound your vehicle.

The title of this article makes reference to officers of the law who patrol our roads, ready at a moment’s notice to ambush unsuspecting contractors.

They are called the Ministry of Transportation or Department of Transportation depending on your province of residence. Their job is simple: pull people over and inspect their vehicles and trailers for infractions right down to missing license stickers. This department’s power can derail your day with a fine. Or they can derail your livelihood if they impound your vehicle.

The requirements on commercial vehicles relating to the construction industry can also apply to parking, safety inspections, licensing and safe operating of vehicles, as well as record keeping and documentation related to these vehicles.

If you want to learn more about these areas mentioned, plan to attend our Toronto CARAHS workshop on Transportation Safety Awareness at the Canadian Contractor offices on Thursday, November 22, 2012.  (Business Information Group, 80 Valleybrook Drive, Toronto. This is in the Don Mills and York Mills area.)


We realise there are lots of contractors who might want to attend, but can’t for logistical reason. If that’s you, simply contact us below for information.

For more details on this November 22, event

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